Feel the Flow Instruction and Workshops

Feel the Flow Energy Workshop

Feel the Flow Energy SourceBook Workshop for Meditation, Chakra Balancing and Polarity Energy Balancing with author Dr. Jill Henry. Feel the Flow is an intensive workshop that will provide you with practical skills for Energy Balancing and Healing. The full day workshop gives you the knowledge and practice you need to make a real difference in your life and the lives of those around you.
Based on Dr. Jill Henry's Energy SourceBook - The Fundamentals of Personal Energy, participants will be guided through in-depth study of 3 major Energy sources - Meditation, Chakras, & Polarity. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience, from the novice in Energy Healing to Massage Therapists, Energy Workers and Body Workers.
Join us in Feeling the Flow of Source Energy in your life! **To provide the optimal experience, this workshop is designed for 4 participants**
Offered on a Sunday in 2016:

Sunday Schedule

  • 8:15 am Registration & Pre-Test
  • 8:30 am Welcome & Expectations
  • 8:45 am Chakra Energy
  • 10:45 am Break
  • 11:00 am Polarity Energy Balancing
  • 11:45 am Lunch (on your own)
  • optional Otto Labyrinth Walk
  • 1:00 pm Polarity Energy Balancing (cont.)
  • 2:15 pm Break
  • 2:30 pm Meditation as a Tool for Action
  • 4:10 pm Plans for the Future
  • 4:30 pm Post-test and Adjourn

2017 Dates to be Announced. $ 75.00
For Info contact: Mountain Valley Center, 43 Shambala Way, Otto, NC, 28763 Phone: 828-369-5698 Toll Free: 1-888-773-2491


You are constantly flowing energy - physical energy, emotional energy, and mental energy. You are probably aware of differences in energy levels in yourself and in your patients and clients, but may not be aware of what to do about it. Traditional medical practice is based upon a Newtonian physics that insists that energy is not real because it has no form or substance.

Currently, leading physicians such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil are proposing an energy component of healing based upon Einstein's Quantum physics. Quantum physics states that a particle can become a wave, and a wave a particle; that, in fact, the basis of the human body is energy, not matter. This research, and practical work, are often referred to as "holistic medicine" or "energy medicine". This new paradigm has great implications for health care and healing.

The purpose of private instruction is to introduce you to a variety of holistic energy healing techniques in order to increase your efficacy in health care and healing. Jill's instruction includes the review and practice both ancient and modern healing techniques. Or explore Chakras (an ancient term for spinning wheels of energy). The energy associated with Chakras represents physical, emotional and developmental issues associated with dis-ease. You will experience your own chakra energy and judge for yourself its reality and validity. Other instruction focuses on the work of Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, founder of Polarity Therapy. Polarity energy balancing evolves from the same Osteopathic roots as Myofacial Releasing, Craniosacral Balancing, and other once called "esoteric" techniques that have therapists using them in numbers. During the Polarity energy balancing session, you will look at energy connections between body structures and location, and learn how to release deep held muscle tension with gentle, massage techniques and hand placements. In Meditation Instruction you will learn simple meditation practices that reduce muscle pain and tension and increase vitality and concentration will be reviewed. You will have the opportunity to practice techniques and develop a personal plan for stress reduction that can also be offered to your patients and clients.

The goal is for you to learn how to direct these energy flows to achieve therapeutic benefits for yourself and the patients, clients and family that you work with. Energy techniques must be used appropriately in the practice of health care and the healing arts. They must compliment and enhance traditional methods of care. By the completion these private sessions, you will have acquired the theory, knowledge, and practice to enhance your skills in a balanced and integrated way.

Meditation as a Tool for action


For years meditation has been associated with mystical or religious traditions. Yet the basics of meditation transcend religion and are in fact tools for mental clarity, healing, and growth. This session will provide participants with research and theory exploring 3 major forms of meditation: Concentration, Contemplation, and Mindfulness. Participants will learn basic meditation techniques for stress reduction, mental clarity, and creativity.

  1. Differentiate between the three major forms of meditation (Contemplation, Concentration, and Mindfulness) with respect to process and outcome.
  2. Participate in all three types of meditation.
  3. Develop a plan to use workshop information in both professional and personal practice.

Exploring the Chakras

chakra image

Chakra, a Sanskrit term for "spinning wheel of energy", describes specific energy locations in the body/mind/spirit. These places where finer energy infuses matter contain the keys to our physical, mental, and spiritual well being. One of the most valuable works you can do in this new century is to learn how to care for your chakra energy. In this session we will explore the implications of each chakra for health care and practice techniques for releasing negativity and inviting the full flow of chakra energy into our lives.

  1. Define the term chakra, from origin to current modern usage.
  2. Perform a chakra assessment using tools including computer biofeedback and pendulum dowsing.
  3. Differentiate the 7 major chakra centers with respect to emotional issues, physical issues, and adult developmental issues.
  4. 4. Participate in a guided imagery session to expand and clear chakra energy in selected locations.

Polarity Therapy

polarity therapy

Polarity Therapy, developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, D.C., D.O., (1890-1981), is a comprehensive system of balancing body/mind/spirit energies through gentle touch, nutrition, exercise, and counseling . In this session we explore the 5 basic mind-body types (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) and discover ways to balance each element using diet, exercise, touch, and meditation.

  1. Describe the relationship of the 5 Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) to the chakra centers and to body structures.
  2. Identify nutritional needs and meditative practices to balance each of the 5 elements
  3. Identify the major positive, negative, and neutral poles on the body.
  4. Perform general energy balancing techniques by integrating information about the 5 elements with information about body polarity.