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Sparkling heart wreath gif Valentnes Day Special. 25% OFF all Sacred Symbol Love Pendants now through February 14th, 2017. Happy Valentines Day!

Sacred Symbol Love Pendants

Sacred Symbol Love Pendants Valentines Day Special!! All Secred Symbol Love Pendants now 25% OFF through Valentines Day, 2017. Happy Valentines Day!

Sacred Geometry, Celtic Knots, Mandala Art have been used throughout the centuries to generate the healing energy of Love. Our Bronzed Love Pendants incorporate these symbols into wearable art. A Bronze plated zinc alloy Heart with moon and stars and the word "Love" surround sacred symbols embedded in resin. Love is the basis for all harmony and happiness in life and a daily reminder to share your Love with the world. Pendant size is 3.5cm and all pendants come with matching 20 inch link chain. Pendants are substantial yet light weight enough for wearing comfortably. Your choice of pendants for only $22.00 each. At this price you can buy one for yourself and one for a gift to that special person in your life.



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Mandala Purple Flower Love Pendant

Mandala Purple Flower Love Pendant in Bronzed Heart

May this purple flower mandala draw you deep into inner peace and beauty.
Qty: Price: $22.00 Now $16.50

Tree of Life Love Pendant

Mandala Tree of Life Love Pendant

May your Roots run Deep as you Reach for the Stars wearing this beautiful Tree of Life Pendant.
Qty: Price: $22.00 Now $16.50

Mandala Flower of Life Love Pendant

Flower of Life bronzed Love Pendant

May you understand the nature of all living things in this Flower of Life Love Pendant.
Qty: Price: $22.00 Now $16.50

5 Elements Love Pendant

5 Elements Pentagram Love Pendant

May the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit Balance and Harmonize body, mind, and spirit when you wear this 5 Elements Love Pendant.
Qty: Price: $22.00 Now $16.50

Green Goddess Love Pendant

Green Goddess Mandala Love Pendant

May the Blessings of the Green Goddess shower you with Peace, Joy and Love.
Qty: Price: $22.00 Now $16.50

Hummmingbird Love Pendant

Hummingbird Mandala Love Pendant

May you be as light and fast as a Hummingbird and rise above anything that pulls you down.
Qty: Price: $22.00 Now $16.50

Sailor Moon Love Pendant

Sailor Moon Mandala Love Pendant

May the Winds of Change Blow you Gently into Safe Harbor.
Qty: Price: $22.00 Now $16.50

Atlantis Portal Love Pendant

Atlantis Portal Love Pendant

May this Portal take you to a new and glorious future.
Qty: Price: $22.00 Now $16.50

Yoga Tree OM Love Pendant

Yoga Tree OM Love Pendant

May All be Well in your life - OM...
Qty: Price: $22.00 Now $16.50

Spiritual Abundance Mandala Love Pendant

Spiritual Abundance Mandala Love Pendant

May the Abundance of the Universe Shine Down upon You and Yours.
Qty: Price: $22.00 Now $16.50

Back of Love Pendants

NOTE: Clasps and chains for Yoga Tree OM Pendant and Atlantis Portal Pendant vary from picture below. Both are Ball chains and Ball and Joint clasps.

Back of Sacred Symbol Love Pendants

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