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Elements of Rejuvenation

Elements of Rejuvenation CD
Music supports your spiritual strength while you practice. The body dances when you follow the rhythms of the music, and your devotions grows wings, which carry you to the heavens. Every melody on Elements of Rejuvenation has been composed as accompanying music for qi gong, yoga, and meditation. These melodies are equally suited for movement exercises and motionless, meditative exercises. They radiate an intensely harmonizing power. -from the liner notes
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Magic of Healing Music

Magic of Healing Music - 2 CD collection - Vata, Pitta & Kapha Music
These selections by Bruce BeeVar and Brian BeeVar were created for Deepak Chopra, M.D. to provide instrumental music to balance the body/mind "doshas". Vata Balancing music has a calming, soothing quality. Pitta Balancing Music has a relaxing and cooling effect. Kapha Balancing music is stimulating and energizing
Click here for a brief quiz to see what doshas are balanced or unbalanced and how to balance them.

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Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams CD
Enter a secret world - In an enchanted garden, fairies and fireflies weave their stories of myth and mystery. The angelically haunting voice of vocalist Alquimia blends exquisitely with the dreamy symphonic landscapes, shimmering harp, flute and piano sounds of German composer Gleisberg. Both are known for their live performances during the popular summer festival season. Together they take you on a regal-ethereal journey in the tradition of Enya, Gary Stadler and Adiemus yet with their own unique spellbinding style.

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Glen Snell came by our store in North Carolina in November, 2004 to play his flute and share his music. We were so impressed with both Glen and his talent that we have added a line of his music to our Flute and Native American collection.
Bare My Soul is a mellow album of contemporary Native American Flute Music, songs of love...heart and soul.
New Beginnings includes flute, keyboard, string instruments, drum, guitars and more. Upbeat and moving.
We know you will enjoy Glen's music!

Bare my Soul

Bare my Soul
Bare my Soul by Glen Snell is a collection of songs of love - honor of land in the spirit of the people... Includes: Rainbows and Butterflies, Dance of Life, Spirit Journey, Peace and Tranquility, Bare My Soul, Back to Center, Commitment, River that Carries and Years Before_Us. Total Time 49.37 minutes

Qty: Price: $15.00

New Beginnings

New Beginnings
Glen Snell says that "The essence of new beginnings is looking at yourself in your true light" New Beginnings provides that light with songs including: New Beginnings, Two Hearts, This is Love, Eagles in Flight, Life's Progression, Unity of One, Alone In the Desert, Edge of Dawn, Starting Over, and Ocean After Midnight. Includes flutes, keyboards, stringed instruments, guitar, ulcimer, drums, rainsticks and some vocals.

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Chakras & Energy Healing

Music to align your chakra energy.

Our Favorite Vocals

Songs to Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit

Self-Hypnosis and Guided Imagery

Perfect for healing body, mind, and spirit!

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