Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for Healing

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for Sound Healing

A Quartz Crystal "Singing"Bowl is a bowl precisely manufactured from pure quartz crystal. The bowl is hand-tuned, by an exclusive process, to a note of the diatonic musical scale. When played, the bowl resonates ("sings") its note, opening and balancing the corresponding energy vortex of the body. ( Click here for more bowl history)

Frosted Crystal Bowls come in a variety of sizes and styles. Sizes are listed by the diameter of the bowl. Height is approx. 2/3rds of diameter. That is, a bowl with a 10" diameter is approx. 7.5" high.

A leather wrapped wooden playing stick is included with each bowl.

OM Bowls

We are now specializing in the perfect crystal bowl to buy when you can't afford a set - the OM bowl.

OM is the eternal sound, used to center, balance, and tune into Universal Oneness.

OM bowls are tuned to a nearly perfect C and vibrate in the ancient universal frequency of peace, harmony and joy.

OM bowls balance all chakras and move you up to the higher levels of consciousness while remaining grounded.

NOTE: Some crystal singing bowls have a natural freckling in their crystal surface which adds to the uniqueness of each bowl and does not affect its pure sound.

11 inch Root Chakra ( C#-OM Bowl) Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl

11 inch Root Chakra ( C#-OM Bowl) Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl
11" Frosted Crystal OM singing bowl with rubber "O" ring and striker. Balances all chakras!
Qty: Price: $287.00 SOLD OUT

7 inch Root Chakra (C - OM Bowl) Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl

7 inch Root Chakra OM (C) Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl
7" Frosted Crystal OM (Middle C) singing bowl with rubber "O" ring and striker. Perfect size to transport easily!
Qty: Price: $257.00

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Find your Chakra Note

Call us to order your specific bowl!

Energy CenterLocationElementIssuesRightColor of chakra
(bowls are white)
1st RootBase of spineEarthPhysical needsTo haveRedC
2nd SacralLower abdomenWaterSexuality, emotionsTo feelOrangeD
3rd Solar PlexusSolar plexusFirePower, vitalityTo actYellowE
4th HeartHeartAirLoveTo loveGreenF
5th ThroatThroatSoundCommunicationTo speakBlueG
6th Third EyeBrowLightIntuitionTo seeIndigoA
7th CrownTop of HeadThoughtUnderstandingTo knowVioletB

The bowls for individual chakras may be purchased by calling us and having your bowl shipped directly from the manufacturer.

We will be happy to check the availability of a specific bowl for you. Just call us Toll Free at 888-773-2491 WEEKDAYS 10 am to 5 pm EST, or Contact Us.

Because the bowls are shipped directly to you from the manufacturing facilities, our satisfaction guarantees apply to damaged merchandise only. We do not accept returns or exchanges on Crystal Singing Bowls shipped from the manufacturer. We do provide Free shipping and insurance on all crystal singing bowls.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

The vibrational healing tools known as the Crystal or Quartz Singing Bowls are a by-product of the computer industry. The bowls are created by a high-temperature fusion procedure which forms solid bowls from pure, powdered, crystal quartz. Perfect quartz crucibles are the prime growing environment for computer microchips. Each bowl is examined for size and thickness, and if not exactly to the specifications of Silicon Valley, it is rejected. Previous to the beginning of the current interest in sound healing, the rejected bowls were broken, re-powdered, and re-used to form another bowl. Gradually, as sound therapists became aware of the vibrational qualities of the bowls, they began to buy the "seconds" as tools for vibrational healing.

The bowls are played using a wooden dowel (covered with rubber or leather). To hear the pure sound of the note of the bowl, gently tap the outside top of the bowl and rub continuously, just below the outside rim. The sound will continue to build as you play, and will vibrate even after you stop. The sound appears to open the chakras and align them with other centers, forming a clear channel of communication and healing.

Additional Note: The following information was emailed to me.

I was researching pricing on crystal bowls, as I have 3 for sale that I've had for 15 years. Noticed that you say they are a by-product of the computer industry. Actually, they've been made by the pharmaceutical industry for decades if not longer for use in laboratories because of the purity and non-transfer nature of quartz. Crystal Distributing (the company that came up with them) went to a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer and ordered them custom (thickness of walls x height) for sound. I had long discussions about this with Carol who was the owner of Crystal Dist. all those years ago (probably still is).

Ben Franklin invented an instrument called the glass harmonica, for which music was written by Mozart among others. The instrument was banned in Europe because the lead content of the glass caused nervous disorders in listeners. There is now a quartz version of the instrument, which was around before Crystal Distributing started having the bowls produced commercially... actually partly inspired by it.
Thank you,
D Millius
Mountain Valley Center, Renew Your Spirit
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