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Scalar Energy Wellness Pendants and Wands

Scalar Energy: The New Form of Healing 18K gold plated Scalar Energy PendantScalar energy is the energy of the future and is also known as healing energy. It maintains body's biofield by promoting a positive flow of energy. Scalar energy also restores energy that has been weakened by daily exposure to negative energies such as radiation from cell phone, television, computer, x-ray, microwave and electrical appliances. The scalar energy in the Scalar pendant does not diminish. In fact, it provides human beings consistent energy for a lifetime.

What are Scalar Energy Wellness Pendants made of?

Grounding and Flow Pendants are stainless steel. The pattern on the front reflects the allignment of energy. The center stone on the front of the Grounding Pendant is Germanium. Germanium is associated with the release of negative ions (the ions which purify the atmosphere after a rainstorm or by a waterfall). It is said to assist in detoxification of the body by the absorbtion and release of toxins and heavy metals. The Gold Wellness Pendant is 18K gold electroplate.

Model A - Ground

Sainless Steel Scaler Energy Wellness Pendant for Grounding

Model A - Ground
Assists with Foccus, Concentration, Vitality, Energy, Alertness, Sports, and Endurance. Comes complete with chain and instructions. The back of the Grounding Pendant contains a center white stone consisting of Tourmaline powder with other nano materials such as silicon oxide, and rare earth minerals. The two red stones are referred to as FIR stones. FIR stands for Far InfraRed, associated with the harmonizing of cells within the body..1.25 inches in diameter.
Qty: Price: $34.00

Model B - Flow

Model B - Flow
Assists with Inspiration, Meditation, Contemplation, Unconditional Love, DNA Activation. Comes complete with chain and instructions. 1.25 inches in diameter.
Qty: Price: $34.00

Gold Grounding Wellness Pendant

18K gold plated Scalar Energy Pendant

Gold Wellness Pendant - Grounding
The Gold Grounding Wellness Pendant is an amazing product that helps keep your energies grounded and balanced, PLUS it's an incredibly beautiful piece of jewelry that always gets lots of attention and comments. AND it is the perfect gift for someone you care about. 18k Gold Electroplate. Approx. 1 inch in diameter.
Qty: Price: $56.00

Gold Flow Wellness Pendant

18K gold plated Scalar Energy Pendant

Gold Flow Wellness Pendant - Flow
The Gold Flow Wellness Pendant is an amazing product that helps keep your energies flowing and refreshed, PLUS it's an incredibly beautiful piece of jewelry that always gets lots of attention and comments. AND it is the perfect gift for someone you care about. 18k Gold Electroplate. Approx. 1 inch in diameter.
Qty: Price: $56.00


  1. WEAR IT. Some people alternate between wearing it on their chest or hanging it behind their back. Wear it for a couple of days and then try not wearing it and see if you can notice the difference
  2. ENERGIZE WATER AND FOOD. Put it under a glass of water or food to energize them.
  3. FIXING ANXIETY. Hold the Wellness Pendant in your hand with your eyes closed. Ask for the highest positive force in the Universe to be present with you and count to 30, allowing Love in and fear out
  4. RECHARGING. Every so often it is good to clear the pendant. You can do a quick clearing by running it under cold water for 3 minutes or leaving it out in the sun for a few hours. The alignment of the energy in the pendant is said to last up to 30 years.
  5. HOW IT REALLY WORKS. Each pendant is infused with frequencies that are held within the molecules of the metal and the crystals which cause it to attract life energy. When you wear it, it supports and amplifies the life energy in your body.

Welness Roller

Wellness Roller with Germanium to Energy Your Body

Demonstration of Scalar Energy Wellness Roller on armRoll this negative ion roller anywhere on your body in even repeated strokes. Arms, calves, back, face, neck... Stay on an area for a minimum of one minute to oxygenate your system, restore skin firmness and elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The Wellness Roller is constructed from charged aluminum alloy with 42 germanium minerals and precision ball bearings. Germanium is a rare natural mineral that emits negative ions. The semi-conductivity properties helps to rebalance and increase the level of the body's energy. Negative ions facilitate delivery of oxygen to cells, improve blood circulation, and increase the body's natural healing ability. Negative ions counteract the harmful positive ions generated from electronic devices, mobile phones, computers and polution in general. You feel the concentration of negative ions in nature by standing next to a waterfall, the ocean, or after a rain storm. Now you can bring that same feeling and healing properties into your living room or massage office.

Wellness Roller Golden Scalar Energy Wellness Roller

Wellness Roller
Rollers with Germanium have been used in day spas for years to rejevenate the skin on your face and reduce lines and wrinkles. Germanium's strong antioxidant properties may be even greater than the effect of vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 in allowing Germanium to destroy harmful free radicals. Germanium can help activate enzymes, promotes cell metabolism, and protects skin against damaging ultraviolet light. Germanium facilitates transmission of oxygen across cellular membranes and increases blood oxygen content.
The Wellness Roller is approx. 7 inches long and may easily be used anywhere on the body that requires extra healing. It even functions as a acupressure tool and is excellent in all massage and body work. We are using it ourselves and invite you to order it today!"
Qty: Price: Regular $84.00, INTRODUCTORY SALE PRICE $70.00

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