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July, 2018 – Volume 19, Issue 7
Food for Thought – 15 Ways to DeStress Instantly Video – A Moment of Peace, Shopping – Orgonite Pocket Discs, Otto Labyrinth Park – Next Labyrinth Gathering Saturday, July 28th, Special Events: Blossom Festival August 10th to August 12th at the Labyrinth Park. See Below for Details. Plus: Caregivers Circle, Wednesday July 11th and Unlocking the Archive Within TEA, Wednesday, July 25 at 6:00pm at the Otto Labyrinth Park, Well Being Sessions – CranioSacral/Polarity Therapy with Dr. Jill, Quote of the Month, The Welcome Center is open 12:30 to 4:30 Wed-Fri and 12:30-3 on Saturdays. Closed Sun – Tues. Website is open 24/7.
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man in chair meditating15 Ways to DeStress Instantly

It’s tough watching the news today or even viewing FaceBook posts that once were mostly happy and trivial and now seem more dire and divisive. I’ve shared this list before and want to share it again. Keep it with you and pick an activity to do when you feel stress building up in your life. I especially like # 5!

Count silently to 4 while you inhale from your belly up to your nose. Hold for four counts. Count silently to 4 while you exhale with your mouth pursed (like blowing out a candle) from your nose down to your belly. Hold for four counts. Repeat 1 – 5 times.
Count to 10! But do it so you are totally aware of each breath you count. Start by feeling your breath coming and going in through your nose. Like a watchman, standing at the gate and feeling the breeze. If you “forget” to feel a breath, start over and try again
Imagine inhaling through your fingertips, up arms and into shoulders and head. Exhale down your neck, abdomen, legs and out your toes.
Inhale while visualizing peace in-filling your body (head to toes)…. Pause, and then exhale while visualizing tension leaving body (toes to head)
When you read or see something that causes stress, don’t hold it in. Groan out loud. One big loud Uhgghgghgggg
Give yourself and those around you permission to loudly groan away the stresses that you feel building up inside.
Find a funny video on FaceBook or YouTube and take a laughter break – just watch and laugh! Then share it with your friends!
Tighten, then relax, each major muscle group in your body. Begin at the feet and work up towards the head. (toes, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, back, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, head, face). This is especially helpful when tension has been building up within you for several days (weeks, months, years) and you need to give your body a break before it gives you one!
This is the same as #7, but this time you are doing it with your mind only. Mentally breath into each body part listed above, feeling warmth and relaxation begin to flow in each area.
Grab your dog or cat or… , put down your iphone or computer and sit down to pet or play with them!
Flip on over to YouTube and find a guided imagery or meditation video perfect to take you on a little trip of your own! While you are there, find some music you listened to in your youth and get your groove back!
Practice meditation daily. Learn how with instructions on our website, or on YouTube, or take a class, or find an App. We use “Insight Timer” app from Apple App store. It has both timed meditations and guided imagery ones and everything on the app is free. It even connects you to others that are meditating when you are!

So that’s it. 11 different ways to generate peace inside so you may share peace with others, and with the world. May you be Happy. May You be at Peace!

A Moment of Peace
Sit by the creek and relax for 2 minutes – take a Moment of Peace for yourself right now!.