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Full Moon – Let it Go Astro Magic Spray

Full Moon Spray with its Woodsy-floral  scent is a special blend of herbs and oils is specially chosen to complement your intentions for a full moon releasing and cleansing. 4 oz bottle with mister. Skin safe. Candle comes boxed with its blessing, and a 12-page companion booklet    Handmade in Ferndale, MI



Release your spell, clear the old, complete a cycle, or cleanse yourself of limits, the moon is at her fullest and there is no room for more. Use the Full Moon spray to help you let it go to begin the cycle of what is next for you.

Blessing / Invocation:

Luna, pregnant with my ideas, dreams, and experiences; I am ready to let go. My magic is freed to manifest, the wounds and hurts from my past dissolve into nothingness. I release and welcome the cycle of magic.

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