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Goddess Mother Earth Chakra Pendant

Goddess Mother Earth Chakra Pendant, Sterling Silver pendant with Chakra Gemstones


Goddess Mother Earth Chakra Pendant
Healers come in Goddess form too! The original healers are represented here with their circle of healing stones to balance and renew all 7 chakras in body, mind, and spirit. Perfect gift for all Celtic Healers and Energy Healers! 1 3/4″ set in sterling silver

All sterling silver Chakra jewelry is made with high quality natural gemstones. Many of these unique designs are exclusive to Esprit Creations and all the designs in this series have the following chakra stones: Root – garnet, Pelvic – carnelian, Solar Plexus – citrine, Heart – peridot, Throat – blue topaz, Brow – iolite, and crown – amethyst. (occasional gemstone substitution is normal subject to availability of stones) Click here to see gemstone meanings in the Story Card we include with every order.

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