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Mini Labyrinth Talistones

Carry this sacred 1.5 inch miniature stone engraved with a 7 circuit Cretan Labyrinth to remind you that you are never lost on the path of life. Real Stone, etched by a unique sand blasting process to provide small, inserted path sides with the labyrinth path raised between the sides. See 2.5 inch small stones with pouch at $21.00


Mini Labyrinth Talistones, approx 1.5″ wide and light weight, perfect to carry with you all the time!!! (no pouch with mini’s).

These wonderful labyrinth rocks are REAL STONE, etched by a unique sand blasting process to provide small inserted path sides with the labyrinth path raised between the sides.

LABYRINTHS: The universal mystical meaning of the labyrinth form is as a symbol for the journey into the world of spirit and the return, a leaving of one state and a rebirth into another.

The Classical Seven-path Labyrinth is not a maze within which to get lost, but rather a single winding pathway in and out again.

Labyrinths are known as sacred gateways and have been found at ancient sites around the world. Often found at the center of subtle earth energies these temples enhance, balance, and regenerate both the auric field and the Earth itself.

Labyrinths have been associated with ancient pilgrimage routes and rituals of self-discovery. They were worn as a form of protection and ornamentation and were often carved on doorways to bless a dwelling.

Labyrinths are time windows, portals where time stands still. They confirm our unity with the cosmos, awaken our vital force, and elevate our consciousness. They are known to facilitate altered states of consciousness and have parallels
with reincarnation, initiation, prosperity, and fertility rites.

The Classical Seven-path Labyrinth resonates with the vibration of “seven” and has a direct correlation with the primary Chakras, Tones in the scale, and colors of the rainbow. It is believed that the action of “dancing” a labyrinth magically activates its inherit powers!

The Labyrinth is equated with the brain, and many cultures believe that the Labyrinth could cure illness. The action of moving through the Labyrinth produces a sense of well-being and balance through a type of vestibular stimulation, accessing both left and right hemispheres of the brain.

For more information about Labyrinths visit our Labyrinth Park!  

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