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NQ9-Right Activator, Goddess Crystal

NNQ9-Right Activator, Goddess Crystal, 1.5 in x .75 in, 15 gms


NNQ9-Right Activator, Goddess Crystal
Activation (Right)-
Also known as Right-handed crystal Inclined window on right side of primary face. Activation and increased performance of right-brain functions. Directed toward chakras from back side of body it removes energy blocks on left side of body.
Devic crystal A crystal with a great deal of fairy frost (the fractures and inclusions inside the crystal). Open us to the beauty and wonder of nature and facilitates communication with the nature spirits – devas and elfin folk. Wonderful to meditate on this crystal by placing it in a hollow in a tree or a hole in the ground without blocking the opening- natural fairy doors. When you leave, leave a gift of fruit or a small crystal for the faeries.
Goddess Crystal-5 edges surrounding the largest sloping face Amplify feminine energy and helps get in touch with the unselfish side of yourself whether you are man or woman. Useful in balancing male-female energies. Power of the Goddess!


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