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REIKI Energy with Carol

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Reiki is a Japanese Energy Healing technique that harnesses the power of Universal Life Energy to restore balance and health in the Body, Mind and Spirit. When the stress and
strain of daily living disrupts this flow, we can have worry, fear, anxiety, and anger which increases the tendency to become out of balance or even ill. Reiki is a way to balance this life energy using simple sequences to relieve pain, restore emotional balance, and release the causes of both acute and chronic conditions. Compatible and complementary with traditional Western medicine, REIKI is a safe, non-invasive, gentle yet powerful natural therapy.

Mountain Valley welcomes Carol Christa to our team of practitioners to provide REIKI Energy Sessiona at the Otto Labyrinth Park, Otto, NC.Carol Christa Reiki Practitoner and DNA

Reiki Helps

  • Chronic Disease

  • Migraines

  • Insomnia

  • Concentration

  • Memory/Focus

  • Depression

  • Emotional Trauma

  • Fear, Anxiety, Stress

  • Career Changes

  • Life Transitions

Renew and Refresh Body, Mind and Spirit.

REIKI Energy Sessions with Carol Christa, RM 

Fridays, 1-4 pm

20 minute Energy Boost, $20.00

1 hour full REIKI Session $65.00

Today over 800 hospitals including the Mayo Clinic offer Reiki to their patients. A Reiki station was set up to treat firefighters and first responders at Ground Zero. Professional sports teams employ Reiki practitioners to help with injury, post-op recovery, and overall performance.

Carol Began her studies of healing energy in 1981 at the New York University School of Nursing with Dora Kunz and Dr. Delores Kreiger, creator of Therapeutic Touch. She is also certified in DNA Re-programming, working with frequencies, numerical mapping and sacred geometry. She is a certified Reiki Master, and also teaches Personal Energy Management classes for individuals and groups.

After spreading her Heaing Energies across the country by way of Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and Tucson, Carol has found her way Home to the beautiful, sacred mountains of NE Georgia.