Sweets for the Soul – Chapter 2- A video and pictures of Inspirational Quotes

Sweets for the Soul - Chapter 2 - A video and pictures of Inspirational Quotes

A collection of original, quotations for your inspiration and spiritual well being, narrated by author. Inspired by his study of A Course in Miracles and other works of a spiritual nature

Enjoy Charlie's original collections of Sweets for the Soul below! Watch the video, listen to the music. Then download your favorite quote as a jpg picture to keep and share with others. You may also use the social medial sharing buttons at top of page for easy sharing!


Sweets for the Soul - Chapter Two

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Original quotations inspired by A Course in Miracles

Complexity appears somehow comforting. It seems to give us a false sense of security by not knowing the answer to anything.

Appreciation is highly under-appreciated. To appreciate is to say 'I Like It', 'I Value it', and by this we bring it into ourselves.

Create or Judge - Make or Break, we are doing one or the other all the time, mostly unaware. How we feel reflects what we've been Thinking.

A Thought causes a Feeling. Change the Thought and the Feeling changes automatically. Can it really be that simple? Try it and see.

A Thought expresses Energy. Energy is neither good nor bad but can be perceived as so. It is with our Thoughts that we may play.

Thoughts come and go so quickly that we frequently forget what we were thinking about. My point is simply...OOPS, I forgot.

Focus Focus Focus - that's the point. Now what was the question?

By focusing on the Question, we miss the Answer. Try focusing on the Answer and see what Question comes to mind.

That which seems New is a reminder of that which has simply been forgotten for a moment. As we re-member, we re-mind ourselves of it.

Questing is looking for something. This state of mind makes it difficult to recognize when we have found it. We can Relax and simply enjoy the journey.

Light vs dark, Love vs hate, Reality vs illusion, At-Onement vs separation, Truth vs perception: we can choose where to place our focus.

By choosing Truth we focus beyond perception, letting in the Light to illuminate our minds and our hearts. Light shines the darkness away.

Illusion is tempting because we can imagine the most outrageous scenes and have them appear as if real. Their content, however, remains illusion.

Reality reflects a truthful content empowered by Love, which can be forgotten for a moment but cannot be changed into something else It is not.

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