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Comments and Customer Reviews

While many of our reviews come with Google and word or mouth, we occassionally like to share the reviews we’ve been getting since 1999 for your reading pleasure!

New Comments

I wanted to thank you for my Candle Quartz which I received in perfect condition. I am 80 years old and practice Radiesthesia. My Candle Quartz has the BioGeometry "Centering Vibration" and it also tests as the energy color White. It also has a secondary energy color of Yellow. I use a Virtual Cone Pendulum to determine the colors. I look forward to using my Candle Quartz in my healing Broadcasting work. Thank you again. Always with love, Gary

Hello, Jill Thank you for an outstanding customer service experience. Both labyrinth products were reasonably priced, well made & beautiful. But more importantly, the time you spent talking with me about the products before I ordered was invaluable. The gifts' recipients were delighted & the overall send-off event for which the gifts were purchased was a success. Thanks for being AWESOME!

That’s great! Thank you! I will keep ordering from you since I love your products and your service!



The chimes came this morning and I love them!  Thanks for your help. I hope to visit the park and the center in the future when this pandemic slows.  Wishing you well as small businesses struggle to survive. Gaye K 4.24.20

Thank you for the calming stone gift you sent with the wellness roller. I appreciate that greatly. Lucy 2.20.19

Good Morning, My stone arrived this morning and I wanted to say thank you. The crystal was absolutely beautiful. I was floored at the quality. I definitely hope to make further purchases from you in the near future. Thank you again and have a blessed Christmas. Sincerely, J G 12.21.18

Thank you for the beautiful chakra charms. We just got them and love them!! We Will certainly post a review.
Missy. 12.08.18

Greetings, Jill and Charlie: WOW! We just opened the Finger Labyrinth and it is absolutely beautiful! Incredibly vibrant and beautiful — and the meditative guide you included just gave us wonderful goose bumps! It will be so meaningful (not to mention fun) sharing it with our Spiritual Café group on Sunday! We feel so blessed that we have connected with two such awesome people. Thank you for your generosity in reducing our shipping charge. We are so appreciative. We cannot wait to come visit your Center — and have the privilege and opportunity of meeting you in person. Until then, just know that we surround you in the light of Love and Blessing, affirming abundant success and tranquility, as well as spiritual enrichment and prosperity! Blessings and Gratitude, 6.26.18 Cher & Bil
P.S. We forgot to say thank-you for the River Stones. What a beautiful surprise gift to include with our order! You guys are just amazing!! Abundant gratitude, 6.27.18 Cher & Bil

Thank you so much for the beautiful candles! 6.25.18 V.R.

I received my earrings and pretty calming stone. Thank you so much for the quick shipping. I have told coworkers about your website and all the items you offer. Thank you again 6.22.18 Ann

I received my package today. It’s beautiful, also thank you for the calming stone. I look forward to receiving the back ordered item in the future. You have amazing items on your website. Thanks again 6.1.18 Ann

Hi Jill: I love your newsletters! They are packed, I think, with educational and uplifting info. 10.08.17

Thank you for you newsletter and frequency code .I do not live in your state but I am pleased to learn another code. I felt the vibration and still feel tingling feeling working through my legs after using my pendulum to restore my cells its been over  20 minutes .thank you. Antonia 10.21.17

This is just to let you know that I have received the crystals. Thank you. And also thank you, for the upgraded substitution.. it is quite beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend. Mari 8.25.17

Good Afternoon, Thank you for your prompt delivery. Everything was wrapped so wonderfully well. The crystals are all beautiful and I appreciate the information included as two are gifts! Thank you so much! I hope to buy more of your beautiful crystals, Margarita 7.10.17

Dear Jill and Charlie,
First, THANK YOU so very much for the October newsletter — I truly love receiving it and reading through it! It’s so welcoming and easy on the eye, with your choice of forest green. Anyway, do take good care, please, Charlie and Jill (and all others associated with MVC), and …
Many blessings!
Roslyn 10.65.16

I just wanted to let you know that I received my chakra bears on Friday, and they are just ADORABLE! I have them all lined up on top of the bookcase in my bedroom, where they can watch over me.
Sincerely, Alanna 4.10.16

Thank you for the blessings and the mp3. It is very thoughtful and appreciated.
I absolutely love my crystals. i keep going back on your website to look for more but i have to ckeck myself or I will order 10 more.
have a blessed and wonderful day
Lisa 3.31.16

I love all of Charlie’s songs. He almost has an album. Will definitely use and share. Marilyn Jan 4, 2016

Hello, Thank you for such wonderful customer service! The package came today and the items are beautiful! I appreciate you taking the time to ensure everything is up to satisfaction. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season! Thank You,
Casey, December 24, 2015

Hi guys ! I do like the pendant what I ordered from you. I do not want to say that it is a miracle, it may be. It seems that it helps me with some health issues. Thanks a lot. Viktoria 7.27.15

Jill & Charlie, I cannot wait to get this pendant (to wear as an earring as I do not wear matching earrings ever! It was exactly what I was looking for. Cheers, thanks, & happy weekend! Paula 7.17.15

I love your site and the products. Yesterday, i started thinking about getting something to change/increase my son’s energy and my energy. today while looking for crystal and stones i happened upon your site. As you know my ascended masters and angel guided me to your site. and i was lead to scalar pendants, i have never heard of this item in this current lifetime – maybe we all worked with them in one of my PAST lifetime(s) and i am only ready NOW to receive them from my long lost friends. Thank you for being able to provide this gift to me and my son and others. stay blessed and continue to do what you do as you are providing humanity with your great service. love only gb 5.30.15


Thank you so much for posting your holiday greeting–it is beautiful and breathtaking!! 12.30.14

Hi Charlie and Jill, it’s Marilyn, the drummer girl from Jacksonville, FL!!!

I just want to stop by and say hello via this email and even more importantly to tell Charlie how much I enjoy his music. Your voice, your arrangements, your words cut to the depth of my core being … I cannot help but cry (and big girls don’t cry) .. when I listen to them. Such emotion and meaning and your light radiates from the song. Thank you so much for what you do. I just sent ‘It’s gonna be all right’ to my son in Atlanta who has joined AA and is struggling. I know he will like it a lot.
Anyway, wish I could talk with Jill more … so inspiring and I miss your energy even though it was such a short time. I look back on that day we connected and smile in such gratitude.

I love you both .. you are stars in the universe. 12.07.14

I am so happy I found your website. I am delighted with so much of what you are offering but didn’t get a chance to explore everything. I am out in California and wish i were closer and could visit the Labyrinth. Maybe some day. Thank you for your work and the way you are following your path. It sure feels great to me.
Carol, 7.31.14

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my short visit to the property this afternoon. It was my first time there, and my friend and I spent much of our time talking with Penny–what a wealth of knowledge! I felt comfortable there and even though it has been 8 hours since I left, I something about that place has stirred me in a way I cannot describe…but I definatey feel.
Thank you for your offering of land and wisdom and healing. Thank you Penny for your kindness and presence. It has had a profound impact on me. Melanie 01.18.14

Dearest Charlie and Jill, Happy New Year to you with all my heart. It has been a long time since we corresponded but I hope you are doing well. I just ordered a beautiful pendant for a student of mine and I just want you to know how happy I am that your passions of spirit are being shared with everyone that wishes to connect with love and all that is good. Love, Bernadette

You have an AWESOME Web site!
Clear, easy(simple)and FUN!! I want EVERYONE to know about you. Mark, 12.07.13

Jill, I have been reading your book (Energy SourceBook) since Dan brought it home. I just enjoyed your Chakra tuneup video. I agree with Kay that your info is powerful. Thank You. Joy 11.08.13

Hi! I received pendant and candle yesterday . It’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to give it to my niece. Thank you for making sure it got here. L.T. 07.31.13

Hi Jill, my apologies. That was a definite mistake. A mis- click. I want to continue to receive your newsletter and information about mountain valley center. The package I ordered arrived two days ago and the labyrinth keychains and pendant are beautiful and excellent quality. Thank you. I’ve kept one and gifted the others to loved ones. I’m enjoying reading your book as well. The extra copy I ordered will go to my sister. Thank you again for making the perfect items available to us . Light and Love,
Rebecca 04.04.13

Blessings to you, I have received the labyrinth and am very pleased. Merry Christmas to you and all around you! Dij 12.14.12

Thank you very much , I grew up in the foothills of Tennessee and when I retired from the Army in 2006 I was in California, I have fond memories of going to Gatlinburg as a kid and my mother always purchased a troll and well I was thinking of something for my wife for Christmas and thought this would be a great addition. Thank you for the memories and will be back for more. Oh, I love the little dog and cats… MS – 12/5/12

We received the cord and bulb and the special gifts. Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous service. We love our lamps! Best Regards and Happy Holidays! Carol 11.28.12

Hi Charles, Thank you for responding so quickly. It is great doing business with a company that answers an inquiry before it is written!! Thank you again, Tony 10.10.12

wow i absolutely love my new necklace. You should make a place for reviews. Bonnie 09.08.12

Hello Jill and Charlie Henry, I received my crystals they’re some of the nicest crystals I received thank you so much for the free crystals and stones cant wait to do business soon. Matthew 07.01.12

You guys are on it! Very kind and genuine. Thank you so much for all the receipts, shipping info, extras. Kathleen 06.01.12

Hi Jill, Thank you for sending it out today. I greatly appreciate it. I’ve been searching for a tool such as this for a long time. It is truly a magnificent tool. I’m so happy you offered this precious tool on your site and happy I found you.I look forward to using the Selenite reflexology twirl tool on all my clients. The energy is cleansing, healing and balancing. I look forward to getting it and trying on all my clients feet. Thank you. Blessings, Lauren, Yoga Instructor & Reflexologist 04.26.12

Hi Jill, Thank you so much for your great customer care. I so appreciated your call as well as contact by e-mail. The additional information on the tuning forks was a surprise and I am very excited to begin using everything. Thanks again. Meela 03.14.12

Hi there! I have received my Reiki chakra necklace. It is so beautiful and I’m sure my Reiki teacher will love it. Thank you so much for your help and the extra green adventurine. I look foreword to buying more of your products. Thanks again……. Paula F. 02.03.12

Hi, I love my necklaces, thanks so much. Wish I could afford the Biobed and comforter. Thanks again,” Sue W. 01.23.12

I always enjoy your newsletter, and this time, THANKS! for the reminder about the Hicks abundance exercise. I’m so glad you refreshed my memory, so I can begin doing
this again. Also, I’d like to ask if there is a fee for participating in your Labyrinth Walks? Free – donations appreciated!
Thanks, and.. Abundant Blessings! Donna 07.28.11

Hi Jill and Charlie, I was at a wedding in March where these peace cranes hung from the ceiling in hundreds! Awesome! Plus I had a tune-up with a crystal tuning fork last month?OHHHHH YESSSSS! Hugs to you both, Faye 02..1.11

Hi Jill & Charlie, The package with the Feng Shui coins arrived fine. Thanks for the gift of the Amethyst stones. Mt Valley offers many unique items to support my study of Feng Shui and energy bodywork, so I’ll be in touch again soon. Best wishes for the season. Yours in Health & Harmony, Bill 11.14.10

Dear Charlie,
What a wonderful surprise I had in my mailbox today!! A beautiful Lemurian crystal with outstanding striations and a most special record keeper that I found tucked in at the tip of the crystal. Thank you Charlie and thank you Jill for being so kind and generous and from the heart. I was meditating with it today when I was doing readings and the energy and loving strength that glided through my spirit was amazing.
You can be assured I will share your website with my clients and my students. I am working almost soley with the Lemurian energy right now as I am studying Lemuria and Atlantis with a wonderful mentor and it is just what the spirit ordered!! Also,thank you for the Chevron Amethyst, it is beautiful and I will make gem water tomorrow with it and take it to work!!
Lemurian crystals are just like M and M’s the candy. You just can’t have one so I will be ordering again soon.
Thank you for the care and love you put into your business and may you and Jill be more successful every day.
Blessings of peace and happiness,
B. H. 10.19.10

Dear Charlie and Jill, Thanks for the wonderful and healing time together at your center Sat. 7/24 and for the invaluable newsletter you sent me. Looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks, Lilla 08.01.10

Hello, Just to let you know that my pewter labyrinth arrived safely today, and is quite lovely. Thank you. Christina 07.22.10

Thank you for your email newsletter. I really enjoyed the Astrology update about Uranus moving to Aries as this is a new interest of mine. Anne 06.06.10

Charlie, I received your gifts of love today. I was so in the moment earlier today, during work. It was so good. And then I came home and found your package. With deliberateness, I opened the package in front of two of my daughters whom were home at the time. My older daughter, Ananda, seem to immediately take to the Amethyst Chevron. Leela, the youngest daughter was more cool. Both witnessed my emotion and bliss when I read your beautiful letter. The expression from the ‘baby lemurian’ was precious and went straight to my heart. So beautiful. I meditated with both lemurian seed crystals and welcomed their energy into this connection. I am grateful for the experience you helped provide and the facilitation of these exquisite vibratory patterns from the mineral kingdom. Thank you and may you and your loved ones always sit in the depth and beingness of peace. Ed 4.27.10

HI Jill and Charley! It (Earth Day) went really well. There were 5 of us and we were all pretty connected as we know each other pretty well. It seemed like the land was sparkling from the moment we got there. We really had a beautiful connection with the trees and we honored them well. I am still feeling it in fact! btw, Randy who led it picked you cedar tree by the labyrinth right away for us to sing to. Couldn’t remember your whole story about the tree but I said it was special. And it was a very special day. It was so nice to do something special for the trees.
thanks so much for your beautiful place and that we could use it for this.
blessings! Denise 4.23.10

Thank you so very much Charlie!! I really appreciate it and hope to have the opportunity to visit your beautiful place in July!
Jessica 4.23.10

Hello Charlie and staff,
Thanks for my recent CD Spirit of Love and for handling my order so promptly. I’m enjoying my music and small amethyst, appreciated your site and how you do things. Just wanted you to know when I was originally searching for this CD I went to Amazon and at the time what I found where new copies of this CD were selling for $80! I don’t know if it’s worth your while to check into allying with them, but I thought I’d let you know. Thanks again, Donna 04.14.10

Hello to you both?Jill your pts are so fortunate to have you as their therapist!. Love your mountain stories. Anna 2.07.10

hi charlie, wow the bell got there fast!!! thank you for crediting my card. i am really enjoying my other 2 bells. they are magical. happy full moon!!
love and light, pindi 1.29.10

I just got my 8 set chakra necklaces today. The packaging was pretty nice. The yarn was a fun touch…I’m not sure if there is a way to review items on the site so others can see, if there isnt, you should put something like that.
-Nicholas Overholtzer 1.28.10

Thank you! and,…. I received my OM bowl today! It has been “cleansed” with white sage and is in my temple room with candle, incense and beautiful mantra music. I look forward to working with it. Nameste 1.13.10

Hello Charlie
I just wanted to say thank you!! I’ve just received the tuning forks.
Warm Regards, Marta 12.10.09

Jill & Charlie,
Thank you for the nice e-mail as well as all of your help on the phone today and an extra thanks to Jill for helping with the sizes.
I have already book marked your site and will be shopping again. I am looking forward to received my order and doing business with you again
Light & Love,
Donna 08.18.09

Greetings from Germany Charlie, yesterday I have got my drum and healing kit.
The frame drum sounds very well with the warm and deep singing tone. I enjoy it very much!
Thanks and have a good time!
Warmest regards
Sabine 06.18.09

Hi Charlie,
I got the Money trees.
They are very cute Feng shui articles for all occasions.
Thanks a lot indeed.
Best regards until the next order,
Joseph 05.19.09

Jill & Charlie
I just wanted to let you know the crystals got here in good shape. I love them! They’re beautiful, they’re better than I ever expected. Thank you! E.A. 05.12.09
I LOVE MY BOWL! I am amazed at the speed of delivery.
Thanks so much.
Anita L 05.07.09

Thank you for your newsletter” Ann 10.06.08

Jill, Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate you sending me free replacement for the product. I look forward to shopping with you in near future.
Best service! Great Products! Keep up the good work Sincerely, Helene 10.03.08

Great, thank you so much, Jill. You have awesome fountains. I may have to come back. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Therese 08.07.08

Dear Jill and Suzy, I received my BEAUTIFUL goddess pendant the other day and it is just gorgeous! I absolutely love it and will think of your kindness when I
wear it. Many thanks and blessings to you both. Have a beautiful day,
Noreen 06.06.08

Hi Dr. Jill – FYI – I am starting to experiment with using my new CFAL certification. So far, my pastor let me consult with him on how to change the church’s new member class incorporating adult learning theory. More to come! Carole

everything went well please post this on your site,,,another satisfied costomer
Thank You Very Much Frank 03.02.08

Thank you so much for the “sprint/marathon” piece. We’ve had a sick mommy for the past 6 weeks (the last 2 were pretty intense) and I needed to hear that since we’re now dealing with a long recovery. Definitely need to think “marathon”. Love to you all, Barbara 03.01.08

I wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of my packages from you. Everything came so carefully wrapped and I love everything. The drum kit was backordered but arrived also very quickly – birthday gift for a dear friend – she will love it! I sent in another order and received my notification it will be here in a few days. Thank you for the care you put with everything you pack. I look forward to my next package of treasures. peace, maryanne 01.30.08

thank u so much! i truly appreciate this. u will definitely have me as a customer for a very long time. u have a truly wonderful selection of merchandise. namaste, ann 12.31.07

Seems like there are some new additions, been several months since I’ve visited. When I visit it’s like being lost in a magical place. My beliefs are so so strong with your articles and all your products your site is like an anchor. It is past time for me head north. Ann K. 12.28.07

Hi !
I opened my fountain for Christmas and got it all set up on the stand I put together. It works great and I love it!! I especially love the remote. This will be enjoyable and a lot of fun. You guys have some neat stuff. Happy New Year ! Kevin 12.27.07

Dear Jill and Suzan: Thanks for the excellent service that you and your company have provided us. We shall certainly recommend you to anyone interested in purchasing Feng Shui items. Holiday Blessings, Victor & Pearla San Vicente 12.04.07

Hi Suzan, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. I am so pleased with the quality, and am so happy. And the stylus is beautiful too. The star finial on top of the stylus is so appropriate. I cannot wait to give this gift. My mother is going to love receiving it as much as I do giving it. Thank you again for such a quality product and excellent service. Be well, Jess 12.03.07

Hi Jill, Ever heard of this man Hans Cousto? I’m just blown away by the set of circumstances that led me to North Georgia for the Kriya Yoga retreat then to your shop and you and the bowl. Then after working with the bowl and expanding my chakra study I decided to call my Sitar teacher Hasu Patel. Her husband Anil mentioned Hans Cousto and the Earth’s vibration being C# and then came to find out that my beloved Sitar teacher from 30 years ago (we lost contact) is now doing sound workshops based on the Indian scale (C# Base) and our Chakras.The plot thickens.. So I went to Hans Cousto’s site today researching the Earth frequency and they have an MP3 recording of the tone aaaaaand… guess what it is freakin exactly the tone of that bowl you sold me. My love affair for this vibration deepens. And I guess so will all of ours as we develop and unfold. Best wishes, Todd 12.02.07

Thank you. I am breathing better already. Have very nice holidays, and walk the lab for me. Thanks. Peggy Post 11.30.07

Wonderful! And thank the powers that be. I truly appreciate your consideration on my order. This will be a very well appreciated gift and now even more so that it was meant to be. Be well, Jess

Thank you seems we are both thinking along the same line. Thank you for verifying what I was feeling would be the best approach. Many blessings to you Connie 10.10.07

Dear Suzan, We received the clear quartz crystal Merkabahs, and they are beautiful!
Thanks very much for offering them. Many Blessings, Bonnie 09.23.07

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,…..since a longer time I am looking at your web Site. Gratulations….it is wonderful!!!!!! Sincerely, Dieter 07.24.07

Summer Solstice Greetings and Happy 4th of July, Jill, Charles and everyone at Mountain Valley Center. How have you been doing now? I always look forward to receiving your monthly e-mail newsletters! Sunday July 1st was Canada Day, it was cloudy, mild and warm with the sun illumining through.” Sincerely, Linda 07.07.07

Greetings, I just want you to know how much we really enjoy your news-letter. Keep up the good work and please keep us on your mailing list. Thanks! We visited with you a few years ago and enjoyed it immensely. We are trying to make another trip to your wonderful part of our country. Expect Good Things to Happen”, Dennis & Linda Folmar Spirit Touch Center 06.02.07

I just wanted to let you know I truly love the newsletters I am getting from you. So much wonderful and enlightening articles. Keep up the great work. Love and Light Kathleen 05.08.07

Thank you soo much..Im very glad that it went through this time..since i tried pay with my norwegian visa card a few months ago,we desided to try mastercard..and now its on its way..blessed be )O( best regards” Lisa Eidissen and Robin Hjelmseth,north norway:))) 05.01.07

Many thanks Jill – flags did arrive safely in plenty of time – they will be on stage for 21st April – well done! Gill, for The Playhouse Company, Cheltenham, England” 04.13.07

Hi Jill, Thanks a lot for the help – I really appreciate it and the website helps a
lot! It was so unbelievably nice of you. I wish you all the best and have a nice life.
Best wishes” Sebastian 03.13.07

I just wanted to let you know that everything I ordered arrived and is even better than what I anticipated. I ordered some crystals online for my partner 2 years ago for Christmas, most through Ebay and was very disappointed. Not only were the crystals all they said they would be but I love the care in which you packaged everything. I intend on keeping your page on my favorites list and look forward to doing business in the future. Love and light, Wendy 12.21.06

Thank you, Suzan…I rec’d my CD!!!!! Oh, I love it!!! Thank you for your personalized attention…your committment and follow thru. Have a blessed and fun holiday season!
Dianne 12.17.06

Jill, Everything arrived safely. Thank you so much for the expedited delivery. Your company will certainly be receiving more business from us. Best, Jay 12.14.06

Dear Suzan Just to let you know the singing bowls arrived today 22 November looking absolutely beautiful. I am thrilled with them – such beauty, simplicity and craftmanship – they will provide years of joy. Many thanks again for your excellent service – keeping me informed at each stage of the process. All the best Barry 11.22.06

Thank you, each one for making my Christmas special by your kindness and for sending my gift off to Cindy with care. P O 11.30.06

Hi Jill. I just wanted to let you know for future reference that the JEBO (JEBAO) JB377 Submersible Pump I purchased from you matches a “Bed Bath and Beyond fountain pump” quite well. It is the right size; I merely needed some duct tape to close the connection between the top of the pump and the tube carrying the water (plus pipe tape to waterproof). Thanks again J.M. 10.29.06

I ordered one of your fountains and 2 replacement disk’s for a fountain I had at home. I have to fountain I ordered from you in my office and get soooooooooo many compliments on it and have referred a number of people to your web site. Keep up the good work. I love the mister. KB 09.21.06

Thank you so much for responding to my question ! Love and Peace to you and your family, Scherie 08.26.06

Dear Dr. Jill Henry, Thank you so much for the information. My friend is traveling cross country so I have not yet given him the Buddha but I am sure he will appreciate I can tell him something about the artist. Have a great weekend, A. 08.12.06

Thank you so much for my order today and I love the candles,,,,,,,,,and the fast delivery. Also thank you for that little stress test ticket,,,,,,,,,lol so cool! I’ll be talking to you real soon, have 2 sets sold so far…. Blessings, Marie ^j^ The Angelic Realm 04.27.06

Hi! I received my package yesterday and was pleasantly surprised, the Ipupiara Crystal I had ordered was incredibly beautiful. I was real happy to see that It was a lot more polished looking than the photo on your website, which had me a little concerned. The LED light made it look even more amazing. I’m clearing my stone right now, for use in my massage room. I’m real happy with my order and look forward to making new purchases. Thank you, Z.D. 03.07.06

A friend send me the newsletter about the fairies – the place is not too far from me so I think I might pay it a visit! Love this first newsletter so much that I want to get them all! Thanks. TC 02.28.06 – Scotland

The user friendly language on your site makes feng shui sound more interesting and easier to learn I. 02.28.06 Uganda

Hi, Received the mister I order 12-19-05 today 12-23-05. I never expected to receive this item that quick. Thank you for the great service and taking the time to label where the other items where packed. It has been a great pleasure doing business with you and will recommend you to friends. H.M. El Campo, TX

Dear people of the Mountain Valley Centre, After a very stressfull day, with lots of bad news I sought and found a part of my well being back in walking my finger labyrinth. then after searching for labyrinth things on the internet I read your poem “The traveler weary from the road” and it lifted my spirits. I will sit a while and then continue my road, guided by the calming and soothing presence of the labyrinth in my life. Thank you for the poem. MK 11.23.05

Hello, Just a quick note to let you know item was received. Thank you for the superior manner in which you do business. I shall be back to order more from you HZ 11.09.05

Jill & Charlie I would just like to thank you for being so timely in getting my order out to me. It arrived safe and sound the day before I opened my shop, Sticks & Stones here in New Jersey. Although a small starter shop, I received a very positive reaction from fellow shop owners and customers alike! Your merchandise is wonderful and I can’t wait to sell everything and place another order with you. Much appreciation, MAJ 11.18.05

Jill, I received everything as you said in your email to me here. Thanks for everything. You’ve been great C. 11.02.05

Thank you so much. I am in your area occasionally, and will stop in the next time I’m there. I found you on the internet, and was thrilled to know you are there, and so relatively close. As a (non-practicing, but still interested) massage therapist, I always look for shops like yours. Thanks again. I sincerely appreciate you effort. E. 09.025.05

Mahalo Nui Loa Charlie! The package, order # …. date 8/14/05, arrived in great condition and I was very touched by the obvious loving way the items had been packed and the no shipping charges. Then to find you gifted me with a second Spirit Quartz was stunning! I may not know you, but how you are doing business from your heart came through loud and clear! May all that you lovingly send out there, come back in three-fold for you always. Many many blessings in Aloha,” G V 08.25.05

Your website and it’s information is the best I’ve seen yet. Keep up the good work and thank you. TR 08.02.05

Hi Charlie, Just to let you know I have received my tuning fork this morning. I am very pleased and thank you for the brilliant service you give. Love & Light L. 07.28.05

I received beautiful fountain today. I put it in living room and I absolutely love it. I moved to Las Vegas about a year ago from Japan. Your customer service is the most polite and wonderful since I have been moved to United States. I enjoyed shopping. Thank you very much. I wish your store is close to us, so I can visit your store every week. Thank you again. T.D. 5.27.05

Hello”, Jill and Charles. “Thank-you”, I received the book/parcel today in the mail, and the love/vibrant energy surrounding it when I opened the envelope too. Iam enjoying reading this wonderful book now. Thank-you again, L.D. 07.25.05

I was very pleased and excited when I connected to your website. It is pack with information and supplies. I spent the entire July 4th day roaming through your site and building my order list. Thanks for everything! T. R. 07.04.05

Hi and thanks! I just got my package today. The Bowl is beautiful and thank Abie for such a good packing job Tell Buck I have no complaints so he can come out! I tested my stress level and I got green! Pretty good since I just paid my estimated taxes! Peace, J.G.06.07.05

Charlie, Thank you for combining my orders. I was having a problem trying to add the bracelets to my cart after the statuary. So I just did 2 orders. That is great that you look out for those kinds of things. I will definitely recommend your website to people and how great you are and the Company is. Have a great day. NB 05.11.05

Jill & Charlie,
We wish to express our deep gratitude for the time we were honored to spend with you. Your Insight into looking into ourselves has already paid great rewards. as we strolled the beauty path of your labyrinth park, a connection was made that will continually call to us to return. Oh yeah… playing in the forest with the resident fairies was no disappointment, either !! Feel free to use any photos we send to you as our way of saying thanks for the Joy of meeting you both. With a little time to settle into our “focus”, we feel wonderful about growing in the global situation and seriously taking our place in this earthwalk. Looking forward to a continued dialog….. Jim & Virginia To view the ongoing task of loving contact with nature and all of Mother Earth… ” Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in it’s beauty ! ~~ A. Einstein 04.18.05

I order the 9″ standing Quan Yin statue from you the other day. She arrived yesterday in great condition. She is lovely AND it was wonderful dealing with you! I’ll definitely use your services again in the future and recommend you to friends. Good luck in your very worthwhile endeavors. Peace, FP 03.10.05

Hi Charlie – A quick note to let you know I received my singing bowl today. Thank you so much – I love it and have already been busily (or should I say meditatively) playing it with great joy. Again I appreciate the time you spent playing them for me via telephone and I think we found the right one! Many mahalos” – K. J. Captain Cook, HI 02.15.05

Jill & Charlie: The stones you sent were spectacular!!! Thank-you. AR 02.165.05

Jill and Charlie, Wonderful newsletters. They are great. Surely enjoyed the story on Deep Love. It certainly seems right that deeper love can change many things about life – & DNA too. Your neighbors in Otto. J & E B 01.31.05

Hello, RE the order below, I just wanted to thank you – the labyrinths arrived today, and they are gorgeous – my thanks to the person who picked them out for me! I have recommended your site to many friends, and will probably be back soon – eyeing those sun catchers. Blessings, DG 01.31.05

Thank you for adding me to your email distribution list. I truely enjoyed checking out your wide variety of high quality healing products. I recently held a friend’s selenite healing wand similar to those on your web and am pleased to find them available on your web as I have not seen them anywhere else, especially with the flourite end. Interestingly enough I have lots of flourite sitting around in my home so I am obviously drawn to it. I recently bought two of the tripod Mist of Dreams mist lamps you offer and they are beautiful, soothing and very functional as humidifiers. I highly recommend them, especially with essential oils during the winter months when we spend so much time in heated space. I will be placing an order soon for a salt lamp and a selenite wand! Keep those newsletters coming. DC 01.03.05

Hi Jill, The newsletter just keeps getting better and better. Thank you! I have forwarded it on to several folks I think will enjoy it. I have encouraged them to get onto your mailing list. Hope you and Charlie are well. Happy New Year. Love, Trace 01.01.05

It ( singing bowl) arrived today and it is phenomenal. THANKS!!!” BD 12.23.04

I just wanted to let you know that I received my bonsai tree and it’s just wonderful. I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your service during the Holidays. So many people on line are rushed and don’t deliver, but Charlie was so patient over the phone, the packaging was thorough, and the tree is beautiful. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service and products! A. 12.20.04

Hello—I just wanted to let you know that I received the part and my fogger fountain works wonderfully. Thank you for your fast response and kindness. I will pass on my high recommendation of your business to friends and family. Regards, A K 12.17.04

Hi Jill and Charlie, What a lovely surprise to receive my tuning forks with my order. I certainly get my dog?s attention with them. I took them with me to Charlotte Tuesday when I went to baby sit. This morning the 4-month old was lying on the bed beginning to get a little fussy. I brought out the tuning forks and I wish you could have seen the absolute delight on his face. It didn?t keep him quiet forever but that look was precious. I guess it reminded him of Home. Love, Anna 12.08.04

Dear Charlie and Jill: The Tibetan bowl came today and it is wonderful. It is perfect for the grandson. Thank you for your help in this. I cannot tell you how much I love my bowl. Charlie, now that I see this bowl from you, I have to tell you that I believe my first bowl, which you so generously listened to for me on Sunday, is quite old. It has so much more on it to indicate age, I am really quite surprised to see the good condition that this “old” bowl is in. But I had suspected that these bowls are actually quite sturdy, and for mine to show the number of blows and scratches and dents that it shows would take a very long time. Anyway, what a lovely addition to my first bowl. SV 12.04.04

Just a note to thank your for your quick shipment. I absolutely love the incense. Best I have had yet. Reminds me of my younger years.. Thanks again. Regards, EN 12.04.04

I received my order today and am very pleased with the items, especially the stand for the Abalone shell. I applaud your fine packing, and especially the “heads up” note on the box flap that cautioned to carefully count and probe for ALL the small packages. Without that note, you would surely have had a call saying you had forgotten something. I eventually found everything. Your service is great. Thank you. LM 10.14.04

Jill & Charlie, It has been many years since I visited your Center and walked the labyrinth …. it was such a wonderful experience. I have recommended to many people that they stop by and visit your place if they are in the area, and walk that labyrinth. I found your website on an old flyer that I kept and will pass it along also. I love your website. I was working as a Nurse when I met you. I have been doing energy work for the past 6 years and Teaching Reiki, working with Crystals and doing Chakra Balancing with Polarity, for the past 2 yrs. I see from your website that your Center has really grown. When I spoke to you many years ago, it was to get information about starting a similar type of business here. That wasn’t meant to be, but I hope to return to Franklin, NC and come visit you again in Otto. I really loved the energy there.
Blessings …… NS 09.14.04

Hello to all at Mountain Valley Center– I just received my Awakening Heart Spirit of Love CD. For the last 17 years, I have been trying to track down the song “I Will Never Leave You” by Jim Meyer. I first heard the song during an Insight Transformational Seminar in 1987. My father had just past away, and I felt such a strong connection to him when I heard this song for the first time. It had brought so much healing to my broken heart. Now 17 years later, it still makes me cry and I still feel such a strong connection to him listening to the song–only now my heart is healed and I am spiritually stronger than I ever have been. Thanks again for providing me with this long-awaited piece of music! God Bless, MA 06.24.04

Hi Charlie, I just wanted to say thank you for getting the fountain I ordered shipped in time for Mother’s Day. My mom opened the box and put together the fountain so fast. She absolutely loves it. It’s beautiful in the evening with the different lights and mist. We still haven’t figured out which is our favorite setting because they are all so cool. I would not hesitate to purchase other items from you.
I looked at the pictures on your home page and it looks like you and Jill are really enjoying what you are doing. Good luck and I look forward to my next purchase.
Could you add me to the mailing list? Thanks so much, TB 05.15.04

Greetings and Blessings to you, We have been receiving your newsletter for some time now, and really enjoy and benefit from it. I appreciate all the wonderful information you so freely share. Thank You.” D & L 03.01.04

Hello…Good morning!! Just wanted to thank you for the incredible Lemurian Crystal I purchased from you.. it is AMAZING…your quality is way up there. ( i purchased a $127 crystal from you..) Thank you.. and have a fabulous day!! CB 02.21.04

Hi Charles its John. We received the order Yesterday. I just had a chance to see it. When you called I was far out in the middle of nowhere at a flea market. I was surprised the cell phone even got a signal to ring. I knew we would get cut off. I cannot begin to tell you how satisfied we areWith the order.The wands are just beauitful.The story cards with our name on them is wonderful .I knew just by talking to you and Jill over the telephone that we would be very happy. I thank you very much> And look forward to a long prosperous relationship! PS. Please let us know when you can send us more wands.Talk to you soon ,best wishes John 2.10.04

I wanted to email you and let you know I recieved my package today. I have never seen such care taken in packaging. I am more than pleased with each item I recieved today and I cannot wait to order other items from you! It has been a pleasure ordering from your company! Many Thanks! H. 02.09.04

Dear Charlie, The (singing) bowl in wonderful–beautiful to look at and hold, a great sound. I had a delightful time listening to the bowls over the phone and getting your advice. It was an experience in itself. I am working on figuring out how to play it and am grateful for the instructional material, but even before I master that I find the bowl itself and its sound when struck to be deeply pleasing. It was a pleasure purchasing from you. I signed up for the email notices and I would certainly visit the website again. Once more, thanks very much and I am very, very happy with the beautiful bowl. Best Wishes PW 02.03.04

Charlie, Thank you so much for your help! It was so nice of you to take the time to track down that odd replacement piece for me! Sincerely, AB 1.29.04

My (singing) bowl just arrived and I am so pleased…it has such a lovely sound!
Thank you!” Jo 1.16.04

Thank you!! I received the bamboo candle plate yesterday and it’s just what I expected. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! J. 12.12.03

Dear Jill and Charlie I receive the Fairy CD and statue a couple of days ago – I can’t believe you even wrapped them for me – You are the best. Take care, TRV, Lakewood, CO 12.11.03

Charlie, I found the other items packed safely inside the Bonsai Tree box as you explained on the phone. Thanks for the call last night. I really like your e-store and will be back again soon. R.B. 12/10/03

Thank you soooooo much – I tracked it and it is due for delivery on 12/10 which is perfect since my friend and I are getting together this coming weekend –
Your customer service is wonderful and you will be one of my favorite internet merchants. Happy Holidays, T. 12.070.3

Charlie I just received my gemstone fountain yesterday. It was very easy to set up with your detailed instructions. I really love it!! Thank you, D B 12.03.03

Hi, Jill and Charlie! I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I wanted to tell you about how thrilled Nancy and her husband Richard are with the Tibetan singing bowl they purchased last month. We all really appreciate y’all’s kind attention and infinite patience in teaching us about the bowls and what they signify and how to make them sing, of course. Nancy and Richard have now mastered the art of “playing” the bowl. Here’s the cute part: Sometimes when Nancy is here at work, her phone will ring and, when she picks up, all she hears is the sound of the Tibetan singing bowl. It’s her husband Richard, of course, but he doesn’t say anything. He just lets the bowl “sing to her” and then hangs up the phone. It just tickles her no end. Thanks very much for your kindness and for so generously sharing your knowledge of so many beautiful things. With kindest regards. LM, Atlanta, GA 11.18.03

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I always worry when I order something out of the ordinary over the internet, if it is a real company, or just a PO Box looking for ways to steal my identity. Thank you for the personal touch of a phone call, and letting me know you are a company that truly takes care of their customers. If I like this as much as I think I will, I have this same fountain in mind for a couple of Christmas gifts! Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian!) AP Holland, MI 11.04.03

I was very pleased with my first order! My daughter loved the bracelets I’m ordering them for her for Christmas! Thanks!” DB, Virginia, 10.31.03
“I’m just calling with a Praise report. The merchandise I ordered from you helped my pass my Massage Therapy test! Thank you! DC, South Carolina, 09.22.03

We love our tree (Feng Shui Bonsai Fiber Optic Tree) and excited to order an additional one !! These trees are beautiful !! RB Jacksonville, FL 9.18.03

Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Jill, I don’t know if you will remember me…but my family and I have a summer place in Clayton GA. We were up there about 3 weeks ago. Every time that we come up, we visit your shop. I purchased a fogger from you the last time we were there. I just wanted to let you know that it is working GREAT! It has added a harmonic and peaceful atmosphere to our den. Everyone wants to know where we got it. I told them about your store and most have replied “I will pay them a visit”. I also wanted to let you know how great your customer service is. You offer a wide variety of unique and hard to find items that no one else offers! I will be more than happy to send you some pictures of the finished fountain. Thank you very, very much. Keep up the good work!
Sincerely, Ben Peacock Swainsboro Georgia PS. I will be more than happy for you to use this letter as a customer comment on your wonderfully organized website! Once again… Thank you very, very, very much and may you have a harmonic, peaceful life! 08.07.03

Received my Feng Shui Dragon and Phoenix Bell hanger this morning – FANTASTIC! The detail is exquisite, I’m very very happy, and I’ll be back! Thanks!” Kat 07.03.03
“Just want to let you know I received my shipment today. I’m very pleased with everything…I plan to send one of the lucky cat bells to my daughter and one of the copper bracelets I will give to my aunt. These are the nicest of any copper bracelets I have seen. Thanks again and have a wonderful day. A.B. Pennsylvania. 060903

Hello there! I’m from Texas, and thank you so much for sending me the wholesale and retail website of your products! The selection is amazing! This is the best built website I have ever seen for your products. It is so organized and pleasant!! Excellent website set up!!! I love all the products you carry!….Again, you have a fabulous website and fabulous products! I have looked at many websites and products, and this has the best selection of products:) Have a lovely day! CM 3.29.03

Hi Charlie, I just received my order and everything is perfect. Thank you for the wonderful way everything was so carefully wrapped. I sure appreciate the extra care. Warm wishes to you and your family during the holiday season and into the New Year. Kind regards, Ash 12.04.02

They’re beautiful, thanks. I enjoyed unwrapping almost as much as seeing the lovely gifts inside. I will be listening to the CD in a few minutes. AS 9.18.02

Thanks Charlie! Both Labyrinth sun catchers arrived today in perfect condition so I will go and leave positive feedback for you when I get thru with the mail. Pleasure to do business with you again and I’m sure it will not be the last by any means! Blessings to you both, K 9.17.02

Dear Jill & Charlie, The UPS truck delivered my order today! I could not believe it! That was so fast! And, once again, there is that aura of TLC & impeccable attention to every detail. I Thank You for the “thank you” gift, too. With Serenity & Smiles, SC 09.02.02

Hi Jill & Charlie, Just wanted to thank you for the last labyrinth gathering. It was a much needed moment of sanctuary… I wanted to add my thanks for this stone, which is now on my alter here at home. I also wanted to share with you that what I asked for during the manifestation meditation (that seems to be the best label) was given to me. I have some major financial problems. I have recently changed jobs. The amount in my 401K is just enough to cover the 2 specific things I asked for help on. When I was arranging the payment of it, I could remember Jill’s voice saying to imagine going “Omigod, I can’t believe this happened!” There was an almost doubling over effect. Very exciting! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty and peace of your place in such a lovely area. Look forward to seeing you again someday. your friend in spirit D. Savannah, Ga 9.04.02

Dear Charlie & Jill, I received my buffalo drum the other day. I can’t believe how quickly it got here! Thanks so much……. and Charlie, you are right, it’s a great size. CF Tallahassee, FL 08.30.02

Dear Jill & Charlie, My Order of 7/17 arrived yesterday. Once again, I am delighted with the presentation of delightfully wrapped packages. I can hardly wait to give these gifts. The candles are for a Friend who owns a gift boutique on The Island. Now, whatever does one give to someone who owns a gift shop!? Well, something to enhance her Well Being & inner Peace & Joy! Thank You so much for your TLC & for “Being” Mountain Valley Center! With Serenity, SK 07.21.02

I recently ordered two wind chimes from you and I got them yesterday — I was amazed at how quickly they got to me. Also, they were wrapped so beautifully and lovingly; I really felt that you care about each individual order you send out. I even like the red string you tied the packages up with and I used it to hang the chimes and a mobile. The chimes themselves are lovely; very delicate and beautifully crafted — and their sound is wonderful. Thank you so much! EK 06.21.02

Thanks Charlie for your services and kindness. It d be delightful to visit
your community one day and exchange experiences. Sincerely”, N 06.02.02 Andorra
“I received my package today. I just wanted to say how lovely the packaging is. I would highly recommend you to everybody I know. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks! CH 06.21.02

I have to tell you – that after we hung our eight-sided mirror on our front door and three three coins on our cash register, business has increased substantially. Thank you for your fine products. All the Best, JB 05.11.02

Dear Jill & Charlie, My order of the two crystal prisms arrived today. I couldn’t be more pleased. And, Charlie’s loving care in the wrapping & packaging of my items was so abundantly felt as I was opening my purchase. I returned to your web site & read about the Center. You can be certain that I shall be a returning customer. I’m so glad I found you! With Serenity, SC 05.11.2

Dear Mountainvalleycenter, I just received my two gem trees today…and am I pleased with them…they are gong to make the nicest gifts for my two girlfriends…they are nicer than I expected…thanks and I will certainly order again in the future…and recommend your site to those who admire the trees. A. 5.06.02

Thank you so very much- I received my frogs over the weekend. I appreciate the ring and pen- those extra touches really are nice! I will probably check in the next few days to see if there is anything else on your website that I want. I am very pleased with the service you have provided. Thank you again! 5/06/02

Charlie, Thank you for the prompt delivery. I was very impressed not only with the quality of the merchandise received but in the very nice touch of the purple wrapping. The fairy’s were a present for my daughters birthday. She is thrilled. Thank you.” DG .4.01.02
“Dear Charlie, I just wanted to thank you very much for the extra fast shipping on the Multi Colored Gemstone tree and Hematite Ring. The Tree is wonderful. Thanks so much. I still have the ring under my pillow. You are such a lovely company to deal with. What a pleasant change. Thanks again, SS 3.27.02

Thank you for taking so much care with my order. I ordered a mustard seed necklace last week and you were so wonderful. You even notified me via e-mail when it was shipped. It arrived within a few days. I was so surprised how much time and details you put into packaging my necklace. Even purple yarn around the neatly wrapped package and thank you note. You went over and above customer satisfaction. I will tell everyone about you and I will definitely order again…P.S. Thank you also for the pen. I will take it to work to help advertise for you. K. 3.17.02

Dear Charlie, Thank you for sending my order so quickly and for the tape. It’s very soothing. I am feeling better now! Warm thoughts to you and your wife” LB 2.25.02
“Your web site is great and has exactly the items I have been looking for! Thanks a lot!” MS 2.11.02
“Hi Charlie- The bamboo chimes arrived today– they are lovely and the sound is just what I was looking for. I see how much trouble you went to with the packing! Yikes! Thanks very much for your great service and care. Best Regards, G 1.28.01

Hi- I just wanted to drop a quick note thanking you for your prompt, professional service. Not only did I find a hardback edition of an out-of-print book (The Lazy Man’s Guide To Enlightenment) but the price was good as well. In addition I received my book in two days, gift wrapped with a small note from Charlie thanking me. It’s nice to see that some companies get it right!! Thanks again! Sincerely PT 1/26/02

My husband decided to purchase a fountain for my Christmas gift this year, but after surfing the web for numerous hours, he printed several choices and laid them in my lap. I didn’t even bother to really look at any of them. I came right to your site, and hope to give you our business.” DF 1.09.02

Just wanted ya’ll to know how very much I look forward and enjoy your news and articles. Happy New Year Wendy 12.30.10

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule you two. I just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment I have just gotten out of your newsletter this month. What a wonderful journey I had. I clicked over and read the stress relief tips. And practiced a few. And felt the tenseness I didn’t even realize I had…just melt away. Then reading about your new aromatherapy line, I smelled different aromas I thought you might carry…Next, reading about your healing classes and that you didn’t have to be studying nursing to participate…I drifted into the feelings of Reiki, massage and healing. Letting the warmth flow over me. And next…having peace within and without, and love and service to others…I have been so blessed that I do have those things in my life. What a wonderful way to start the week. WC 12.04.01

Thanks so much, Charlie, to you and everyone there. This has been so easy, it’s truly been a pleasure. KM 11.30.01

Hi Charlie! Well, you’ve done it again ~ not only did my Blue Pearl Incense arrive safely today (which I unwrapped like a kid on Christmas morning!), but so did an extra-special blessing from you. The little note you wrote on the back of my invoice touched my spirit and warmed my heart. I certainly hope the future holds a trip to North Carolina, for I would surely love to meet you and Jill and experience firsthand the labyrinth and the wonderfulness of the two of you. Blessings DF 11.13.01

Charlie, Thanks so much we were so happy to find such a good site, and I will certainly be back. I’ve been wanting to explore labyrinths since I read a great mystery with them in it. And we received the candles as a gift, then saw them in catalogs but paid no mind, then wanted to make a gift of them. And we found you !! And all the other candles. We are delighted. NN 11.10.01

Just a note of thanks. The crystals are of the finest quality and very powerful. I saw a set something like this in Canada but these were much more than I expected. I really enjoyed the hand wrapped packaging with the colorful yarn. Thank you again. I have you bookmarked and will tell my friends about your company. Blessings SS 11.09.01

“Charlie, I received the faceted crystal. It is absolutely gorgeous! So much nicer than I had expected. And…how nicely you had it packed. Thanks for such good service. I hope to visit your website again. Warm regards, CM 10.23.01

Hi Charlie! My order arrived today and as usual, each item was packaged beautifully and gives me great pleasure! The three power bead bracelets I ordered are for a Christmas gift and each is exquisite, especially the Leopard Skin Jasper! I cannot wait to send them to my cousin as I anticipate she will not only be surprised but truly blessed by them! This is my first foray into incense burning, but I felt I could step into this new experience with confidence using items you offer. My confidence was well-founded. I am totally pleased with the Sheshamwood Ash catcher! It’s own fragrance is so magnificent, I almost want to say, “Who needs incense?” But we did try a stick and I’m tickled by how neatly all the ashes were caught! We tried Majuma today and found it heavenly. Watching the smoke was mesmerizing ~ a quiet and simple form of meditation! Thank you, so very much, for making these items available to those of us who cross your path. They have brought me much joy today! Blessings, D F 10.23.01

Dear Charlie!
I received my Buffalo Drum today, and it is wonder-full. thank you, so very much! I find it to be exquisite. The Drumming Ceremony techniques that came with the drum are most welcome…
I want you to know how much I appreciate the respect and courteous treatment you have given me with each step of this order. First of all, I am grateful for an order form that can be printed and sent with payment by mail. A couple of months ago, we had the experience of fraudulent charges being made to our credit card through unauthorized use over the Internet. So having the option of doing business with you in the “old fashioned’ way is terrific!
After putting my drum in the mail, you sent me a friendly e-mail notifying me it was on its way and I found that to be very thoughtful.
And today the drum has arrived in perfect condition, obviously packed with great care. My daughter bought a book from you in the past, and was so impressed with how it arrived, wrapped in tissue and tied with a ribbon. Truthfully, her description of that helped me to decide to do business with you in the first place! Speaking of my daughter, I gave her the hematite ring you so generously included with my drum and she loves it!
Finally, the “wonder” pen you also included was a delightful surprise and I thank you for it, too.
Over all, I am truly blessed by your generous spirit, Charlie. You share freely all that has been given you to share, and I am grateful for my encounter with you. I don’t need to tell you I’ll be doing more business with you in the future – the enclosed order form says that for me! DF 7.25.01

Dear Charlie,
I apology for all the inconvenience I may have caused you. I just talk to my husband and he recognizes he gave me the wrong store. However, I thank you for your time and mostly for your care and kindness. Even when we are not your clients (for now) I can say: “I am a satisfied customer” MR 6.08.01

lucky cat strikes again! I bought him on 6/3, put him in wealth area of house on 6/4. sold my house today, 2 wks later. Now I can get my fountain AS, 6.05.01

Hello Charlie,
The package arrived on Thursday. I’ve never ordered anything that was so wonderfully wrapped. What fun opening it all! Thanks for your help. LS, 4.28.01

Thanks so much. My sister received her candles today and loved them. Thank you for packing them so nicely too. and for the card you enclosed. It is wonderful to do business with people like you, you are wonderful and I will definitely recommend you and use you again. Please let the powers to be know you have another very satisfied customer. Sincerely, RDE, NY

Dear Charlie,
I received my order and was very impressed with all. The products and how it was packaged with love and caring. Thank you for a great experience, as many people today don’t take pride in their work anymore. Keep up the good work and I will pass your web sight on to my Feng Shui Practitioner. Thank you,

Thank You. I like the way you are so personally attentive and thoughtful. I am happy doing business w/you. Can’t wait for the fountain. It looks beautiful, and I love the sound of running water. R. 01.02.01

Hello Charlie and Jill, Well, the wonder of this Christmas is now another loving memory, and I am pleased to send this salutation acknowledging that you have been a part of our joy. J. shed a tear when she opened her gift, that beautiful Throat Chakra Bowl. Notwithstanding the fact I had written a little poem to go inside the box, the deep, rich and wonderful sound fills our home often. (I had to place a ‘psychic block’ on the box to insure that she would not ‘guess’ what was inside 🙂 I had an opportunity to visit your site in depth. You offer many wonderful products and I can personally vouch for the most excellent service” BC, 12.26.00 Washington

I received my order yesterday and was astounded at the beauty of the crystal singing bowl! I had no idea it would be so large – I really thought it would be the size of the other singing bowl. It is truly beautiful and I am honored to have something this magnificent in my collection. L.D. 08.22.00 Belize

I just wanted to say thank you!! The bowl is perfect, it arrived very quick and in perfect condition. The box had a big dent in the side, but with the excellent packing job you did it was fine! My wife enjoyed the present, and I am very pleased with the product. You are certainly a breath of fresh air when it comes to on-line shopping and service! Once again Thanks for a job well done, I will certainly recommend your shop to everyone I know!
P.S. What an awesome sound.. I can still here it singing!!!
D.K.08.14.00 Arizona

Hello Charlie, I received the parcel on Thursday 10th August 2000. Highly delighted, presentation first class, thanks for the free gifts ! , have used the pen for the English Lottery. Now I can ‘smudge’ my home and hope it sells. Thanks for your help and hope to trade with you in the future. All the best to you and yours.
D.A. 08.12.00 England

Thank you for e-mail again. I decided that the OM tuning fork is included in accordance with your recommendation. I am very glad, that you took the trouble of informing the carriage. I order it from you from now on. And, I will tell to my friends how kind your site is. I wish that your site becomes more famous in Japan. Love and Light” SI Japan 7.23.00
“Thank you Charlie, Your personalized service will certainly allow me to recommend your products and services to others. LA California, 05.05.00

I received the package to day, I set the Fountain up -which is very easy in the evening.
1 Setting up the fountains is easy. Thanks for good ( excellent) instructions
2 The packing is excellent and professional as it is packed with extra care. Thanks to Charlie
3 Every part is labeled.
4 There is no pump noise .The pump runs very quiet..
5 I may buy one more Kit later.
2 pounds of rock are barely sufficient or fall short by 100 grams or so. If you can consider making it 2 and quarter pound it will be wonderful.” S. from US Virgin Islands, 06.01.00
NOTE: Thanks to this wonderful suggestion, we are now including 2 and 1/2 pounds of stone with all our table fountain kits! – Jill and Charlie

Hi Jill and Charlie:
Thank you as always for all that you do that provides so much enrichment for our lives and our souls !I have responded a couple of times with a request for you to add my intentions in your weekly gatherings. It has been nice to know that I have been included in your gatherings that way.” TL 5.20.2000

Dear Jill and Charley, the CD arrived today! And it is just wonderful, I truly love it! Thank you for the extra pen, it is lovely, too. :-))))) Thanks again. With love, EK, Germany, April 20, 2000

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your site. It’s full of information and great items. I’ve passed it along to others who I think will enjoy your products. JA, April 9, 2000

What a delight to have such a personal reply to my order. I was concerned that since I placed 2 separate orders, there would be some confusion. Your message assures me that, not only did you get the order right, but you also read the comments. Such service is greatly appreciated and I will shop with you again!! JW January 9, 2000.

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what an oasis your place was for me back in early November. I enjoyed the labyrinth in the late afternoon and then the meditation. Both were very rewarding experiences. Keep up the good work there.” BN, January 11, 2000
“Oh! Thank you so much! I will visit again (via cyberspace) very soon! SB, January 6, 2000.

Thank you (for the special Christmas web page). I printed it so I can have a copy to read before I go to sleep. Again my thanks.” JG, December 13, 1999

Charlie: I just wanted to confirm that I got your UPS package yesterday in good order. The bowl is great, perfect for the fountain I’m going to build. Thanks so much for your help! JW, November 25, 1999

Hi Charlie, I received the incense – thank you for such prompt service! HH, November 25, 1999

Thank you for the notification, I look forward to receiving the bowl. Thanks again for your beautiful and helpful web site. JS, November 25, 1999

Dear Jill & Charlie, My shipment arrived today!! Everything is just perfect. I couldn’t have packed it better myself. Thank you so much for the extra effort. The quality of the products you sent is above what I expected. I really appreciate all the help you have already given me. Thanks again for everything. I’m going to
have fun with it. JS, March 5, 1999