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Feng Shui Scented Candles

Feng Shui Element Candles

These candles reflect the ancient principles of Feng Shui, where color and fragrance relate to the Five Elements of Nature, which are in turn associated with personal, social and spiritual qualities. Made with clean-burning palm wax from sustainable tree farming in Malaysia and certified organic groves in Brazil, poured in multiple layers with all-cotton wicks, they are scented with certified organic essential oils. 2.5 oz candles, Burn time: 20 hours. The series includes one for each of the elements. Made by Aloha Bay.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is a way to live harmoniously with the natural environment. Proper balance of these elements results in good fortune and success!
* Light WATER in the NORTH (career and money) to be in the flow and feel the energies that cycle through life. The Water element promotes new beginnings, new ideas, career, and new starts. It is helpful for young people rebuilding a career, and confidence.
* Light WOOD in the EAST (family and health) for active participation, new ideas and reaching out. The Wood element promotes tranquility, spirituality and inner development. It is helpful for elder people, stress, insomnia, convalescence, or ill-health.
* Light FIRE in the SOUTH (fame and success) to connect with higher purpose, sunlight, planning ahead, finances, leadership, business and budgeting. It is helpful for adults, courage, new ideas, passion and expression
* Light METAL in the WEST (children and creativity) to connect with, open-heartedness, fun, laughter and networking. It is helpful for developing intuition, clarity, completion and wisdom.
*Light EARTH in the CENTER (balance) for nurturing, receiving balance, stability, feeling total support from the universe and our choices. It is helpful for starting a family, making steady progress, security, harmony and nurturing.

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