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Well-Being by Jill Henry

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Discover over 50 ways to tune your energy using meditation, chakras, 5 elements, feng shui, and core beliefs. Each section details benefits and instructions. The fundamental book for anyone starting to explore the path of body-mind-spirit and a detailed reference book for the experienced practitioner. All books signed by author Dr. Jill Henry, owner of Mountain Valley and EBI Practitioner for remote Energy Body Integrations.


A note from Jill – As I visit with different radio hosts while promoting my book Well-Being, I find myself answering one question over and over. When asked where to start to heal, de-stress, become abundant or whatever your dream is, start with 5 minutes of mindful meditation each day, every day. Just 5 minutes done consistently will allow you to release the grip of the subconscious mind that is the only thing preventing you from accomplishing your goals. 5 minutes to breathe and  feel your breath come in and out of your nose. 5 minutes to observe how many negative thoughts you are carrying around and not react to any of them. Become neutral – oh you again – and let your habitual thoughts go by not investing energy in them. This empowers. This allows goodness to come into your life. Just 5 minutes every day.  Let me know how you do!  Jill Henry. Author of Well-Being and owner of this website, Mountain Valley

Well-being by Jill Henry  256 pages

Introduction – Well-Being was first published by Llewellyn Worldwide in 2004 under the title Energy Sourcebook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy. Between 2004 and 2016 it won a COVR Visionary Award Winner in alternative health in 2005 and was translated into several languages. Well-being is an extensive update and renewal of Energy Sourcebook.

The Meaning of Well Being – “Well-being is a state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual calmness and wellness. Life happens, but there is no need to grab on to it, to force it, to judge it. It involves the attitude of allowing rather than striving. Well-being can be experienced whether our bodies are perfect or not, whether our circumstances are perfect of not, whether our lives are perfect or not. The key to well-being is the absence of anxiety and suffering.”

Accessing the Energy of Well Being – “A state of well-being is developed by first understanding that a flow of energy and vibration underlies all physical and mental processes. Beneath the apparent physical, mechanical surface is a holistic, organismic flow of pure energy. This energy is constantly being directed by our thoughts, emotions, and feelings.”

Chapters 1 and 2 guide you through a developmental sequence of activities, from basic relaxation skills to deep meditative practices. You may choose to follow in sequence or skip directly to the section that interests you most at this time. The most important thing is to decide to do something with the information presented. Even if you only set aside ten minutes each day to practice relaxation or meditation, you will experience the benefits.

Chapter 3 Explores the energy of the chakras, places where finer energy infuses matter. Chakras contain the keys to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Knowing the relationship between mind-body energy frequencies, chakras, and the physical body provides a frame of reference for any path of energy healing, whether self or other.

In Chapter 4 we learn to view our bodies as flowing streams of energy or consciousness. In our essence we are Spirit—eternal, infinite, and universal. When Spirit enters a body, the energy becomes denser as it binds itself to earth plane and flows into five elements, each more dense than the previous one.  These streams are differentiated in polarity therapy as ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

Chapter 5 takes the reader into the wonderful world of Feng Shui, pronounced fung shway. It is the idea of living in harmony and balance with our environment and dates back between three and six thousand years ago, depending on the source. Here we begin to study of energy, chi, and how its circulation affects people, plants, animals and all living things.

Beliefs are paradigms of encapsulated energy in the quantum field that affect our well-being. Chapter 6 invites you to examine your current beliefs in 9 areas of your life in relation to conventional understanding, ancient wisdom and modern physics. Changing a belief can instantly shift energy into Well-Being.

Conclusion: “Well-being is everything and nothing. It is more than having a strong body but a worried mind. It is more than being an optimist but having everything in your world go wrong every single time. It is more than having hope but little faith. Well-being is the integration of and communication between body, mind, and spirit. It is calmness when things go wrong. It is smiling acceptance when things go right. It is having more moments of peace and joy and love in your life than not”.

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