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  • traditional Himalayan meditation gong
    Bells, Tingshas, Drums and Chimes

    Bronze and Brass Himalayan Meditation Gong

    Start and end your meditation sessions with this bronze and brass multimetal Dragon meditation chime. Perfect for the year of the Dragon!!!! 4″ wide by 6′ tall with a wood striker.

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  • Well-Being book by Jill Henry, ownerr of Mountain Valley Center and the Labyrinth Park
    Our Favorite Books of All Time

    Well-Being by Jill Henry

    Now Available!

    Discover over 50 ways to tune your energy using meditation, chakras, 5 elements, feng shui, and core beliefs. Each section details benefits and instructions. The fundamental book for anyone starting to explore the path of body-mind-spirit and a detailed reference book for the experienced practitioner. All books signed by author Dr. Jill Henry, owner of Mountain Valley and EBI Practitioner for remote Energy Body Integrations.

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  • Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    The Light

    A 5 min video that is more of a prayer, a blessing, a meditation, in a song format. It feels quite slow and that is intentional. May you enjoy. With my love and gratitude for your time and focus. View Video

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  • Shift Your Energy to Health Guided Imagery Cover
    Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    Shift Your Energy to Health MP3 Download

    Take a journey through the Energy of your Body & Mind, releasing fear, resentment, & doubt and shifting your energy to confidence, trust, and health. Use for healing yourself and others in body, mind, and spirit. Features music by Charlie and guided imagery by Dr. Jill Henry.. Approximately 20 min. long.  View Video



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  • Labyrinth Gifts - It is Solved by Walking

    Wood Labyrinth Stylus

    Let your hands do the walking with this Wood Labyrinth Stylus. For use with most pewter labyrinths.

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  • pewter shell labyrinth
    Labyrinth Gifts - It is Solved by Walking

    Chartres Labyrinth Shell Token

    This Mini Labyrinth Pewter Seashell Token is perfect to carry in your pocket for waterside meditations and makes an excellent gift.

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  • Labyrinth Gifts - It is Solved by Walking

    Chartres Labyrinth On Sandstone Paperweight

    A perfect desk piece, this Pewter Chartres Labyrinth is mounted on natural rock and includes a stylus and story card.

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