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A place to share tips for living a life of Spirit in the world of matter.

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Waving at Leaves

It’s the season for Leaf Lookers in the Mountains. This year, as you watch the leaves, notice the ones that wave back to you while you are looking. As John Springer often said ”Leaves are acknowledging you and it’s nice if you wave back!” Try it! As you are admiring the Fall colors you may see a leaf or group

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Become a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning

Learn How to Teach, What you Teach. Dr. Jill Henry provides one on one feedback as you learn the skills to develop your in person or on-line training course. Without the Knowledge, Skills and Mindsets, in person and online training become nothing more than show and tell. Create or expand upon a course you teach, ensuring your Adult Learners gain the skills they need from your

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The Metaphysics of Well Being in the New Age

Using the subtleties of thought and expression to learn our Life Lessons by Jill N.Henry, EdD The New Age is an awareness that issues repeat in your life until they have been resolved on a metaphysical level first, and then a resolution on the physical level is experienced. The dictionary defines metaphysical as “relating to the transcendent or supersensible, marked

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The Meaning of Well Being

Well Being means different things to different people. For some, financial well being is most important; for others, physically being well; and still others desire well being in relationships and family affairs. Freedom is important to well being – freedom from fear, worry, and anger. Freedom to pursue your dreams and mission in life. At Mountain Valley Center, we provide

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Holding Space in the World

Holding Space

“I wish it need not have happened in my time” said Frodo. “So do I”, said Gandalf, “and so all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” J.R,R. Tolkien I find myself during this time of the

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Go Light-ly

Change implies seeing something wrong first, then judging, or condemning it and in need of change. All of this takes place within the physical space of perception, which is founded on change. I have perceived the magician sawing the lady in half. Do I condemn the magician for murder? I can but choose not to judge based on faulty perceptions.

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Focus and Stay the Course

I lose focus. I get distracted easily, phone rings, doorbell rings, a leaf falls, a shiny bauble catches my eye… I have to start all over again and again. I feel discouraged , dis-heartened., even a bit frazzled at times. Where was I? I know that feeling negative just attracts more negatives into my life.  But sometimes it just feels

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Research shows meditation is Good for Your Health!

Research shows meditation is Good for Your Health! A five year study of medical insurance utilization compared 2,000 regular meditators with 600,000 members of the same insurance carrier. The meditation group had 53.3% fewer inpatient admissions per 1000 and 44.4% fewer outpatient visits per 1000. When comparing admissions per 1000, the meditators were lower than the norm for 17 major

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Deepening the Practice of Mindfulness Meditation

Deepening the Practice of Mindfulness Jill N. Henry. Ed.D. In “The Practice of Mindfulness” I described a simple 5 minute breathing exercise to understand your mind and thoughts. In this article we will take the practice one step further. Why Practice Mindfulness Meditation? In the Katha Upanishad (400-300 B.C.) the essential Self is described as the chariot owner, the body

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