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The Bridge to Oneness Sample Activities

April, 2020
Dear Stay-at-Home folks:

We are living in an unprecedented time, a time that, despite the devastating losses and challenges, is yielding blessings-in-disguise. For example, in our efforts to practise social distancing and staying home, we have realized the need for creativity and (re)connecting with the Flow of Life.

I am therefore offering as a free resource, a few sample activities from my previously-published Workbook *, which I sincerely hope shall uplift, inspire and encourage you to delve deeper into the “unknown” – your own Unlimitedness, brimming with creative ideas to assist in Co-creating a Better World – a World that Works for All, in which greater Harmony, Peace, Joy and Wellbeing shall be commonplace amongst all!

I would love to receive your feedback/comments! Please drop me a line at: .
Blessings to One and All at this historic time.
Roslyn Rus PS: The “Bridge to Oneness” activities were created in 2010, at a time when “social distancing” was unknown – please continue to be vigilant in your efforts to stay healthy while you explore your own community/area!
* Bridge to Oneness: An Interactive Spiritual Workbook for Here and Now ,
© 2010 by Roslyn Rus. ISBN: 978-0-9813496-0-2 ; Semi-Finalist in the City of Toronto’s Livegreen Toronto Innovations Awards competition, 2010.

Web of Life Art Activity

We’re all familiar with the World Wide Web, which has become a vital part of our daily existence, seemingly. This hands-on activity, however, focuses on the other Web – which is actually even more vital to all of us – the Web of Life!
To me, the Web of Life, or Circle of Life, so interconnected and interwoven, is like a tapestry … (For those folk music lovers like myself, do you recall Carole King’s Tapestry song?)
Imagine now your own personal connection to the Web of Life … then draw it!

As I have so often told my workshop participants, stick figures are very useful in this type of art activity – you really don’t have to be a great artist to express yourself creatively! Truly we’re only limited by our imagination, so have fun while learning … you can also use a collage method, magazines or newspapers, fabrics, or any other method … If you’re really, really stuck or “blocked” about doing visual art, there are alternate ways of acknowledging your personal interconnectedness to the Web, such as writing, music, role playing and storytelling, for example.

“We are all Golden Threads on the continually-spinning Loom of Life”
— Spirit/ I AM / Roslyn Rus
Excerpt from: Bridge to Oneness: An Interactive Spiritual Workbook for Here and Now, © 2010 by Roslyn Rus. ISBN 978-0-9813496-0-2

Symbols and Rituals Activity
A Community Experience!

We live in a world of symbols and rituals: for example, in all or most of the world’s faith traditions, there are symbols (like the cross in Christianity), as well as rituals to honour the tenets of the particular tradition.

In our daily living, our personal world is comprised of rituals that we take for granted, such as the process of preparing to go to work or school, for example.
Be alert, aware and adventurous: take time to stroll in your area, and observe the rituals and symbols that we humans do every day – you will be surprised how many there are!
This activity can be done individually, in pairs or as a group, in your own home, or elsewhere in your community. It can even be an opportunity to get to know another neighbourhood, or even your own! The purpose of this grassroots task is manifold: to meet and greet others, observe and “see” in a new way how we conduct ourselves, interacting and interweaving our way through Life.


“Come, unity, come!” … Embrace the true Spirit of Community!
Excerpt from: Bridge to Oneness: An Interactive Spiritual Workbook for Here and Now, © 2010 by Roslyn Rus. ISBN 978-0-9813496-0-2

Kaleidoscope Activity
A Divine Inner Child Activity

Are you kaleidoscopic in your worldview or consciousness?

According to the 1989 edition of the Merriam Webster dictionary, a kaleidoscope consists of “changes of position…of…glass…reflected in an endless variety of patterns”.
As a young child, it was probably my favourite toy; it gave me such joy and wonder! I’ve always been fascinated by rainbows and prisms, as well as anything that depicts the multifaceted, multicoloured Life that we’re all a part of. Seeing with kaleidoscopic eyes or in an open, unlimited way, leads to greater Awareness and appreciation of All Life – Open Living!

This is an introspective type of activity: so take a moment or two before you begin, to just breathe and center yourself; meditation or yoga is also a great way to put you “in the mood” …

  • Imagine your own life as a kaleidoscope: always changing, always interweaving with those you meet, human or otherwise, and all you do … even the air you breathe is shared by others all over the Earth! After reflecting on this, take some time to write about how your life is like a kaleidoscope: for example, at work or school, with friends or family, at home, doing hobbies, shopping, interacting with neighbours or even those you meet on the bus, subway or street!
  •  Then, take time to walk with greater Awareness, in your own area or elsewhere – keeping in mind the kaleidoscopic view of Life, in the myriad of ways It unfolds … You may want to carry a notebook with you for this second part of the activity, as undoubtedly more insights will come to you.

This activity will assist you in (re)connecting with your innermost child in a lovely and graceful way!

Excerpt from: Bridge to Oneness: An Interactive Spiritual Workbook for Here and Now, © 2010 by Roslyn Rus. ISBN 978-0-9813496-0-2

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