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Bells, Tingshas, Drums and Chimes

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Bells, Tingshas, And Gongs

Traditional Tingshas The small cymbals are made of blended metals, just like the singing bowls. The sound of the Tingshas is like a summons. It brings us to the here and now. In meditation, tingshas are used to indicate the beginning and the end. At the beginning you let go of everything except the clean moment of here and now; at the end you awaken physically and spiritually in the here and now of material reality. Tingshas are also used to clear the energy present in a room and “open” it by sounding the tingshas in the four corners of a room. A great way to clear energy when smudging is not appropriate! All come with storycard and playing instructions.

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Tuning Chimes

Over the years we have sold many wind chimes. Recently a new line of wind chimes has been developed, based on Vibrational and Frequency research. Everything Vibrates. You Vibrate, I vibrate, our cells vibrate, even the earth vibrates! When cells vibrate out of harmony, dis-ease occurs. When our cells are happy, we are happy, and when we are happy, our cells are happy.

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