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2.5 inch OM Tingshas-160 grams

2.5 inch OM Tingshas-160 grams

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2.5 inch OM Tingshas-160 grams: Om Namah Shivaya is engraved on these wonderful tingshas. OM – the primordial vibration, “Namah Shivaya” – “I honor Shiva, the all pervasive Self”. These tingshas purify the body and mind and awaken the experience of the Inner Self. Easy to play by ringing sides together. Perfect to begin and end meditations! 2 1/2″ diameter, 1/4″ thick, approx. 160 grams.

THERAPEUTIC USE – Healing the ethereal body

The ethereal body functions as a universal information filter, helping us properly assimilate everything which comes to us from outside. When there are weaknesses or holes in the ethereal body, reactions to external stimuli change, are slower or inappropriate and the person is more likely to panic. Holes are particularly caused by drugs and allopathic medicines such as antibiotics. Sound, particular the sound of tingshas, bells, and singing bowls, can help form a new network of connecting threads in the ethereal body so that the holes are repaired more easily and quickly.


Tingshas are often being used as a substitute for sage or smudge in clearing the energy in a room, home, or office. To clear a room, begin in the center. Ring the cymbals by holding the rope in your hands, with the cymbals hanging down. Gently move the cymbals toward each other, so that their sides touch and a loud, ringing sound occurs. Often when energy is stagnant or blocked, it will be hard to connect them to make a sound. Continue moving them towards each other and eventually the edges will meet in a pure, etheric note. The energy is now cleared.  Proceed to the edges of the room and move in a clockwise direction, “playing” the cymbals frequently. When a clear sound occurs, move on to the next place. Continue until you have moved all around the room. You have now created a clear, creative space for your activities!


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