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Ground and Center with Healing Earth Gifts:

Walk the Otto Labyrinth in NC and find both Cretan and Chartres Labyrinth Gifts. Select Well Being Jewelry. Scalar Energy Pendants and Orgonite, to protect against cellular EMF’s. Gemstone Jewelry and Goddess Jewelry to align your energies and share your path to others!

Healing earth gifts from mountain valley center

Refresh and Inspire with Mindful Air Gifts:

Sound Healing is coming to the forefront in alternative medicine. Our selection includes both traditional Singing Bowls and Modern Tuning Forks give you the sound frequencies you need to relax and heal. Prayer Flags, Bells and Tingshas send good energy through the air and the cosmos!

Light your Fire with Sacred Fire Gifts:

To Smudge with Sage is the traditional way to clear space for ceremony, healing, and well-being. Sage is an herb, smudging is the process of lighting an herb and sending its smoke into the air. We carry Sage and Smudging Supplies as well as Chakra Candles, Candle Melts, and Inspirational Candles.

Sacred fire gifts from mountain valley center

Calming Waters – Flowing Energies  

Chakras are the way Energy Flows in the Body, and Feng Shui is the way Energy Flows in the environment. We carry gifts and supplies of both these essentials of well-being. Chakra Energy Gifts, Feng Shui Gifts. Plus Water Blessing Labels – Charge your water – Change your Life. 

Calming waters gifts from mountain valley center

🌟✨ “Well-Being” by Jill Henry, EdD! ✨🌟

Dear Beloved Readers and Seekers of Wellness,

Well-Being book by Jill Henry, ownerr of Mountain Valley Center and the Labyrinth Park

I am thrilled to announce the one-year anniversary of my book, “Well-Being: Move into Energy Balance through Meditation, the Chakras, the Five Elements & Feng Shui,” released by the esteemed Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers in December 2022.

📘 What’s New?
This second edition, a heartfelt culmination of years of wisdom and experience, builds upon the foundation of my original “Energy SourceBook” (2004). Packed with over 100 new references, enriched exercises with vivid pictures, and user-friendly “at a glance” info tables for chakras and the Five Elements, this edition is a treasure trove for both seasoned practitioners and beginners alike.

🌈  Embark on a Journey of Transformation! 
Designed as a comprehensive reference for the adept and an accessible gateway for beginners, “Well-Being” guides you through the realms of stress management, meditation, body-mind-energy awareness, gentle hands-on treatments, Feng Shui room arrangements, and the cutting-edge realms of quantum science and frequency healing.

🌟  Why “Well-Being”? 
This book isn’t just a collection of words; it’s a journey that reflects my growth and deeper understanding of life. I’ve embraced both the joyous and challenging moments, infusing this edition with profound insights gained along the way.

🖋️  Exclusive Author-Signed Copies! 
For a truly personalized experience, secure your signed copy directly from the author! Visit the Otto Labyrinth Park in Otto, NC, or order online at Feel the energy and intention as you dive into the pages signed by yours truly, Jill Henry, EdD.

🌺  Experience Wisdom and Joy! 
My sincere hope is that “Well-Being” becomes a beacon of wisdom and joy in your life, just as it has been for me during its creation. May it guide you toward balance, enlightenment, and a profound sense of well-being.

Thank you for joining me on this transformative journey. Your support means the world to me.

With gratitude,
Jill Henry, EdD 🌟
Author of “Well-Being: Move into Energy Balance through Meditation, the Chakras, the Five Elements & Feng Shui”

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What are Metaphysical Gifts for Healing and WellBeing?

The world can be a stressful place. Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I find inner peace?  Metaphysical stores specialize in energy frequencies that help you answer the big questions while connecting you with who you are deep inside.
     This allows you to bring awareness to each moment, to forgive, embrace, love and live life fully.  Check out our services, products and training in sound healing, crystals, jewelry, candles, meditation, energy techniques and inner work.
     What you believe and experience in your inner world is reflected back to you in your outer world. Just being on a metaphysical website or in a metaphysical store can help you shift your energy in a positive direction.

Local Hours of Operation

Spiritual Shop, Metaphysical Store, Labyrinth Park & Event Center: Crystals, Jewelry, Sage, Candles, Sound Healing. Otto, NC

Store Location: 43 Shambala Way, Otto, NC 25763.  Just off US 441 between Clayton, GA and Franklin NC. Easy drive from Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC

Summer Store Hours: Noon to 3 pm Thursday and Friday, 9 am to 4 pm Saturday.

Labyrinth Park Hours: 10 am to 6 pm 7 days a week. Dogs must be on-leash or under control, no fires, Pack out what you pack in. Please leave the Park more beautiful than it was when you arrived!

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Greet each New Day by charging your water with static cling Water Blessings labels: Create your Day, Follow your Bliss, Go with the Flow, Do your Best, Attitude of Gratitude, Feel the Joy

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On Sunday March 19th I was attending my bimonthly zoom study group and the discussion was about water. Bev, our leader reminded us that energy (chi) is always moving, always undulating at the subatomic, atomic, molecular, cellular levels and on up. She reminded us that this energy field is capable of being encoded with every thought we think. The quantum filed

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Geospirals and Ley lines at the Otto Labyrinth Park at Mountain Valley

Labyrinths and Ley Lines and Geospirals oh my!

You’re gonna’ want to download the picture below for this! Rev. William E. Bush, MD and lifelong dowser visited us this winter and dowsed the  Otto Labyrinth Park. On it he verified the ley lines than Charlie and I found, and discovered one of the reasons folks find it so healing to be here – Geospirals! I’ll let him tell

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