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Flat Rate Shipping and Free Gift with Every Order

We take a moment and tune into you, selecting one card just for you and including it in your package!

For our FREE GIFT, we will focus on your name and select one Spirit of Water Blessings label that we intuit is timely for you as your order is packed.

Here’s why we are so excited to offer this particular gift to you. 

The water we drink carries Energy, Information and Memory.

In 2007 Japanese Masaru Emoto published The Miracle of Water, containing microscopic photography photos taken when water in a glass exposed to different words and pictures and sounds was frozen.   Positive words attached to a water glass produced perfect hexagonal (6-sided) crystals (similar to snowflakes). Words such as love and truth and happiness formed beautiful, coherent shapes. Words such as dislike, hate, anger, depression barely formed shapes at all, certainly not true hexagonal and sad, eerie, unfinished. Dr. Emoto concluded that beautiful words create beautiful nature, ugly words create ugly nature.

Why is this important? Because the entire human body is around 60 percent water. Our bones are composed of 22 percent water, muscles are 76 percent and blood is 83 percent. Lungs are 90 percent, and our brains are actually 95 percent water. (source Hydration – June 2020 on the

Drinking water exposed to words affects the frequencies of the water within it. As our water frequencies become more beautiful, our cells vibrate more wholesomely. Water, the source of life is truly the source of how our bodies and minds meet life day by day.

Maybe it’s all just that simple. Be happy and drink happy water!  Enjoy

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