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Walk the Labyrinth at the Otto Labyrinth Park in the Smoky Mountains, NC

Otto Labyrinth Park with Blue Faerie

About the Otto Labyrinth Park

The Labyrinth is a symbol of the spiritual journey to the center. It is the outward sign of the inner pilgrimage. Originally found in ancient Crete, the Labyrinth symbol has appeared in many cultures. From Cornwall England and the time of Camelot, to the Hopi Indians, Cathedrals in Europe and modern day uses by Churches, Hospitals, and Spiritual Centers. Walking a labyrinth, or tracing the pattern with your fingers, brings a deep sense of peace and harmony.

At the Otto Labyrinth Park you will find 7 circuit Cretan Labyrinth just beyond the ponds from the Welcome Center. Follow the path, you cannot get lost – for just as in life, you will reach the center, even when it appears you are moving away from it! Ring the bell to begin, later accept a welcoming hug from the Cedar tree on the outer path! The Cedar tree represents the way we deal with obstacles in our lives. Move around it or bend to its’s branches. Once in the center, spend some time reflecting on life, hopes, & dreams, then simply let go and feel the presence of Healing, Joy & Love fill your heart and soul. After walking the labyrinth, you may wish to explore the path back into the laurel forest. If you go far enough, you will find a healing bench to sit & relax with all the faerie folk who dwell there.  The Park is open dawn to dusk. The Welcome Center at The Otto Labyrinth Park is open 1 to 4 pm Thursday through Saturday.

Otto Labyrinth Park in Otto,NC vuew if 7 circuit labyrinth from the ponds
A Note from Jill After all these years we’re getting closer to completing the Pavilion at the Park! A few structural updates and a new Earth floor then with your help we can finiah the cobbing and give you a place for retreats. I’ve commissioned George Pynn to complete the Pavilion. Now all I need are the finances to pay him. I feel like Scarlet O’Hara saying “As God is my witness, I will get this Pavilion built!” Any funds you have to support completing this project are vital and greatly appreciated. To complete the Pavilion please consider making a donation at:
Jill Henry and the Otto Labyrinth Park
Geospirals and Ley lines at the Otto Labyrinth Park at Mountain Valley

Geospirals and Ley Lines at the Otto Labyrinth Park

Rev. William E. Bush, MD and lifelong dowser visited us this winter and dowsed the property. On it he verified the ley lines than Charlie and I found, and discovered one of the reasons folks find it so healing to be here – Geospirals! I’ll let him tell you about them in the Post. Click the button below.  

A quick video to show you how to not only draw a labyrinth, but what your walking path looks like when you walk a 7 circuit cretan labyrinth. 

A labyrinth is a magical single path maze. A maze has many paths and is essentially a left-brain puzzle. A labyrinth is a right-brain intuition and creativity enhancer. Let the Walk a 7 Circuit Outdoor Labyrinth at the Otto Labyrinth Park, Otto, NClabyrinth answer your questions and bring you peace. We opened the Otto Labyrinth Park to the  Public in 1998. Come walk with us!The

Walk the Otto Labyrinth at Mountain Valley Center.

Between the ponds and the creek, 10 tons of stone have gathered to form a classic 7-circuit labyrinth.

Built in 1988 there for all to enjoy and use.

Otto Labyrinth Park Photo Gallery

Information and Directions

Mountain Valley Center & The Otto Labyrinth Park
43 Shambala Way
Otto, NC 28763.
Phone Toll Free 888-773-2491

The labyrinth is open dawn to dusk. The Welcome Center is open in the Afternoons Wednesday – Saturday. After hour activities must be arranged in advance at Mountain Valley Center.
Guided tours of the labyrinth and special group activities must be arranged in advance.

We  are currently building an Earth Bag Pavilion to host events at the Labyrinth Park.  Your contributions help us maintain the Labyrinth Park and help us move forward to provide expanded services. We appreciate your support!

If you have enjoyed the Otto Labyrinth Park and want to support parks like this, please make your contributions here.

or mail your contributions to:
Otto Labyrinth Park Fund
65 Shambala Way
Otto, NC 28763

Driving Directions:

FROM THE NORTH – We are an hour and a half drive from Asheville, NC. Cherokee and the Smoky Mountains National Park are 45 minutes away. Drive to Franklin, NC and come south on 441 (towards Atlanta) approximately 7 miles. Turn right on Calvary Church Rd. Turn Left on Shambala Way.

FROM THE SOUTH – We are an hour from Gainesville, GA and 1 & 1/2 to 2
hours from Atlanta. From Atlanta, take 985 to Gainesville, then drive North East until 441 North joins the four lane. Continue on the same road to Clayton, GA and on to Dillard, GA. We are 3 miles North of Dillard. Turn left on Calvary Church Rd. Turn Left on Shambala Way.

Visit The World-Wide Labyrinth Locator,  designed to be an easy-to-use database of labyrinths around the world. Information about labyrinths you can visit, including their locations, pictures, and contact details, are accessible here, along with information about the many types of labyrinths found worldwide. Labyrinths occur in many forms, shapes, and sizes, and the Locator contains both historic and modern examples. At the current time the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator database contains over 4000 labyrinths in 70 or more countries.

What is an Energy Vortex?

An energy vortex is formed in a place where focused thoughts and feelings have gathered in unison of common vibration. Such energy vortexes can often be found at the sites of schools and universities, large companies and organizations, temples, churches and mosques. Wherever people have gathered or an extended period of time in common purpose with powerfully focused intention you will find an energy vortex. Sometimes these groups were drawn to gather at these sites by preexisting man-made vortexes, or by naturally occurring geographic vortexes. Such natural vortexes are often found in mountain ranges and at the confluence of converging bodies of water.

Vortexes are a focusing and pooling of the natural life energy, sometimes called “chi” or “prana.” Prana energy flows about us all of the time, but energy vortexes create a situation where the energy becomes focused and magnified in one spot. We are then able to literally steep in the focused energies of the vortex when we go to these places. Being in the vortex can help us more easily achieve a special focus of thought or feeling. Some vortexes are known for healing, or for a profound sense of peace, or for stimulated creativity or endeavor.

Some energy vortexes, such as special temples in India, are known for their ability to help us to break out of negative patterns or karma. These negative patterns keep us set into the same kind of life, the same kind of job making the same range of salary, and the same kind of relationships that we have been experiencing in our lives. These special vortexes can act as a remedy to the negative pattern that has been repeating in our lives. By visiting the vortex, your energy field becomes powerfully impressed by this remedial energy, counteracting the negative pattern and replacing it with a new vibration. Dr.  Pillai often organizes through Pillai Center special trips in the fall of each year to such energy vortexes. This year’s trip will be in the south of India to energy vortexes that include water, forests, caves, and temples.

If you are ready to take charge and make powerful changes in the sort of life you have been manifesting, you may like to discover and visit the most powerful energy vortexes where you live, or travel to where they can be found.

Thanks to Dr. Pillai, Pillai Retreat Center for Mind Science, San Diego, CA

Please see attached Map of Otto, NC Energy Vortexes sent to us from
John J. (Jack) & Evie Brodbeck. Thank you!!

Energy Vortex Map for Otto, NC

Otto Labyrinth Park in Rabun Laurel Magazine