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Water Blessing Labels

a new day static cling water blessing labels

Water Blessing Labels – Using words to change the structure of water for Well Being. Over 100 different static cling word labels for water glasses and containers. One FREE single Spirit of Water label included as our gift with every order.

6 clear static cling labels that adhere to most smooth surfaces. 2 ½” wide, 1” tall. Use for glasses, pet dishes, doors, windows, showers, cellphones and more.

Drinking water with blessing words is more than simple hydration. Our bodies are more than 50 percent water and that water, along with everything else in the universe, is affected by vibration. Drinking water charged by positive words can change your body and mind, giving you access to your heart’s desire and your soul’s purpose. 

Disclaimer: This is not magic, it’s science. While Water Blessing Labels may enhance healing but they do not replace responsible natural or medical care for illness and dis-ease.

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