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REIKI Spirit Water Blessing Labels

12 REIKI symbols. If not REIKI trained I do suggest you find a teacher who can guide you through the attunements to this special energy before using them.


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There is some conflict about showing REIKI symbols. A restriction on use unless you have been REIKI trained would be appropriate here.  This collection was developed to assist adept Reiki practitioners as well as those newly on the healing path. If not REIKI trained I suggest you find a teacher who can guide you through the attunements to this special energy.  12 REIKI symbols in this collection.

Encode your Water and Change your Frequency.

Drinking water is with blessing words is more than simple hydration. Drinking water charged with words can change your body and mind, giving you access to your heart’s desire and your soul’s purpose.

Our bodies are more than 50 percent water and that water, along with everything else in the universe, is affected by vibration. Knowing that all we see is at its core resonating energy, by changing the vibration of anything we can change the substance.

In 1999 Masaru Emoto (1943 –2014) published Messages from Water, followed by Hidden Messages in Water in 2001. Mr. Emoto’s experimented by exposing water in glasses to various words, pictures, or music, then freezing it and examining the ice crystals’ properties with microscopic photography. Different words had different effects in water, demonstrating that our words and thoughts have frequency. Even further, a study in 2015 on the structural memory of water demonstrated that water retains information. We can use water to deliver frequency to our cells that will allow and attract our highest good. Mr. Emoto said it better – that beautiful words create beautiful nature, ugly words create ugly nature. Let’s use and share beautiful words together!

Disclaimer: While Water Blessing Labels may compliment conventional medical care, they  are not a substitute for any medical or emotional care you may require from a professional. You have freedom of choice always for your own path in life.

Out of stock

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