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Healing Sounds of the Creative Cycle

Creative Cycle Healing Sounds

Button Pushing

Think for a moment about what pushes your buttons. What causes you immediate fear, worry or doubt? What causes your immediate reaction to be anger, resentment or guilt? These are unconscious emotions from the past that are applied to today, our reactions (re-action=acting again the same way as we did in the past).  Beyond button pushing there may also be a chronic emotional atmosphere of grief, anxiety, depression).

Creative Cycle

These emotional habits are set in childhood and reinforced throughout our lives. In studying distant treatment with Ken Koles and Beverly Clarke I have learned how to begin to clear the energy held within certain organs in the body. In my book, Well-Being, published by Llewellyn Worldwide) I diagramed the Creative Cycle in Feng Shui. Wood fuels Fire. Fire burns wood to ash and forms Earth. Earth becomes compressed and forms Metal. Metal sweats and forms Water. Water nourished Wood to grow.

Each element is associated with an organ in the body. Wood is associated with the Liver, Fire with the Heart. Earth with the Spleen. Metal with the Lungs. Water with the Kidneys. These are the 5 Yin organs of the physical/energetic body.

Sounding to Activate the elements and transform your Emotions

Here’s the cool part of all of this. We can identify a negative feeling or a positive feeling we wish to have and “sound” or “tune” the organ/element to transform the feeling. Sounding on the exhale in a moderate to loud voice beings to move stuck energy. Attempting to sound the same note on the inhale brings fresh energy into the organ and element. Note here – the inhale is not easy or pure at first and takes lots of practice. But maybe, just maybe, spending 5 minutes each day in sounding is the key to overcoming reactive emotions we no longer need.  Try it for yourself below and let me know how you did. I do at least 3 exhales and 3 inhales on each element at a session.

Sound OOOHHH to activate the Water element, Kidneys and transform fear, awe, dread, doom into gentleness and wisdom. Also benefits the brain, bones, nerves and head hair.

Sound SSSHHH to activate the Wood element, Liver and transform anger, confusion, shame into kindness and clarity. Also benefits the ligaments and tendons

Sound HHHAAAWWW to activate the Fire element, Heart and transform impatience, broken heartedness, cruelty, shock, frozen into honor, respect and love.  Also benefits the Vessels.

Sound WHOOOUUUUU to activate the Earth element, Spleen and transform worry, disappointment, resentment, anxiety into openness, fairness, and compassion. Also benefits the muscles and lips.

Sound SSSSSSS to activate the Metal Element, Lungs and transform sadness, grief, resistance into courage, integrity and righteousness. Also benefits the skin.


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May you be Well, May you Be Peaceful and at Ease, May you be Happy

EBI – Energy Body Integrations

aka Distant Treating, Distant Healing

The highest healing does not occur at the conscious level. The conscious level only interferes. It’s when we “go away” during a session that the healing occurs. When the client’s mind gets out of the way, the chatter of the conscious mind stops and brain frequency shifts.  A deep connection of healing occurs between the client’s Inner Wisdom and the Love and Light of the Universe.

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Distant healing, energy body integrations

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