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DNA strands and telomeres

Stem Cell research and the Fountain of Youth.

Once upon a time we each came into a single cell in the physical realm. Out of that cell we formed a whole physical body full of brand new, fresh and clean stem cells filled with our Immortal DNA. These cells then specialized into muscle, nerve, brain, liver, bone, skin and so on through cellular division, replicating the DNA. Even if we were fortunate enough to have a healthy bodies and minds at first, our emotional, environment and aging began to take its toll. on our aging DNA.

Aging Stem Cells

Cells age in 4 major areas –

·         Microenvironmental factors – disorders in hormonal, immune or metabolic systems

·         Mitochondrial dysfunctions – disorders of cellular metabolism

·         Epigenetic alterations – diet/drugs, mutations, non-coding RNA

·         DNA damage – UV radiation, oxidative stress, telomerase dysfunction

Aging stem cells are responsible for cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, autoimmune disease, pulmonary disease, neurological disorders, cognitive decline, Type 2 diabetes, bone and joint disorders, and metabolic disorders, to name a few!   From: World J Exp Med. 2017 Feb 20 7(1):1-10

Regenerative Medicine

A new branch of medicine is being developed to study how the body heals and prevent cellular aging. In essence, looking for the fountain of youth. What they have found is that cells deteriorate because the telomere at the end of the DNA Chain becomes frayed and then breaks off, which changes the DNA. The telomere breaks off from lack of an enzyme called telomerase. Somewhat like a rope dried and now fraying). VESL cells (Very Small Embryonic-Like regenerative cells) within the blood stream secrete telomerase, an enzyme that restores the DNA telomere ends. These V-cells decrease in efficiency and in production in the aging process. However, they may be brought back into function through stimulation.

Stimulating V-Cells

V-cells are being stimulated in some clinics by a number of different procedures:

1.       Natural stimulation, including Fasting and supplements like Resveratrol or Curcumin.

2.       Invasive stimulation – Regenerative medical clinics take blood or bone marrow, separate out the V-cells using techniques designed to excite them, and re-introduce them back into the blood stream via IV therapy.

3.       Frequency Therapies including Energy treatments that harness chi, sending more Chi into the body by intention and PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic Frequency devices) can dial in the frequency of the VSEL cells to stimulate the production of telomerase.

Technology meets Ancient Healing Practices

A couple of years ago I introduced my Taoist Energy Teacher to My MD who has been inventing frequency devices for several years. They talked together recently about V-cells, telomerase and telomeres, DNA and Stem cells. Between they have determined the frequency needed to stimulate the release of telomerase and dialed it in using a Frequency Modulated Low Level Laser device. I now have frequency devices for use at the Welcome Center at the Labyrinth Park.

administered by Rev. Jill Henry by appointment one day in advance. Jill will program the pulsed laser frequency discs to dial into your specific concerns, from pain to organ function, to general well being and all in-between. In addition, a portion of each session will be devoted to a frequency designed to repair your body’s DNA.

Come Experience the Frequencies!

You may sit and relax in a recliner chair or lie down on an amethyst biomat during your 50 minute session, fully clothed in a private room. Suggested donation is $45.00. By appointment only.

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