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Go Light-ly

dog in reclinerChange implies seeing something wrong first, then judging, or condemning it and in need of change. All of this takes place within the physical space of perception, which is founded on change.

I have perceived the magician sawing the lady in half. Do I condemn the magician for murder? I can but choose not to judge based on faulty perceptions.

To perceive Rightly requires Spiritual Sight, enabling us to look beyond the physical to the Meta-physical. Our Right Actions require our Right Thinking- Inspiration ( In Spirit) infuses us with the Light of Love and in the Light we see rightly which leads to our Right Thinking which leads to our Right Doing.

It all starts with the Light of Love. Yet we continue searching in the darkness for the Light, it is not there!!!

Search for the Light, first, then we will rightly see that the Light has shined the darkness away.

As we find the Light, we share it and then we see by it. This is Extension and it is our reason for being here: to find or Remember the Light, to give it away, or share it, and it will return back to us, amplified perhaps 10 thousand-fold.

Our To-Do List:

  1. Seek first the Kingdom, the Light of Love, which is within us.
  2. Having found it, simply give it away, or share it (same thing).
  3. Remember, what we give (share) comes back to us.
  4. Keep our Focus on the Light, it is the only way to see.

This ‘giving’ is the true meaning of ‘ for… giveness ‘.

Love is ‘for…giving’ ( for… sharing)(same thing)

May we go “Lightly” through the darkness.

Blessings on our journey