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  • Well-Being book by Jill Henry, ownerr of Mountain Valley Center and the Labyrinth Park
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    Well-Being by Jill Henry

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    Discover over 50 ways to tune your energy using meditation, chakras, 5 elements, feng shui, and core beliefs. Each section details benefits and instructions. The fundamental book for anyone starting to explore the path of body-mind-spirit and a detailed reference book for the experienced practitioner. All books signed by author Dr. Jill Henry, owner of Mountain Valley and EBI Practitioner for remote Energy Body Integrations.

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  • Chakra Flowing through body Drawing
    Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    10 Minute Chakra Tune Up MP3 Download

    10 Minute Rainbow Tune-Up with Music by Charles Henry, M.S., Voice by Jill N. Henry, Ed.D is designed for those who say they would like to meditate but they just don’t have time. Gentle guided imagery over an ascending note musical mantra leads the mind on a walk through the color and energy centers (chakras) of the body. Find just 10 minutes a day to listen and re-tune your body and mind.  View Video

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