Sweets for the Soul – Chapter 1- A video and pictures of Inspirational Quotes

Sweets for the Soul - Chapter 1- A video and pictures of Inspirational Quotes

A collection of original, quotations for your inspiration and spiritual well being, narrated by author. Inspired by his study of A Course in Miracles and other works of a spiritual nature

Enjoy Charlie's original collections of Sweets for the Soul below! Watch the video, listen to the music. Then download your favorite quote as a jpg picture to keep and share with others. You may also use the social medial sharing buttons at top of page for easy sharing!

Images from this Video

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Inspirational quotations for a Spiritual Life

Worry, a stimulant pill, habit-forming, dumps adrenaline into our systems = a 'fight or flight' response. We can find a better way to fly.

Being Happy is a Soother, a Choice, a Decision we make. Not Easy at first, but it can become a very good habit worth developing.

Positive Thoughts open a door in our minds inviting like thoughts in. Other thoughts may attack and that is where forgiveness may help us.

Forgiveness is looking past the darkness to see the Light the darkness was made to hide. The Light simply shines the darkness away.

Love is not so much a 'doing' but a 'being', not so much a 'receiving' but a 'giving'. Love is ?For Giving

Re-Write a Bad Script from the Past. Turn a Bad Story into a Better Story with a Better Ending. We are scripting all the time, mostly unaware of it.

Humor might be a gentle way of saying

Reality is an un-changeable witness to Light, Whose form may change, but Whose Content always remains the same.

Illusion - Seeing the magician saw the lady in half and believing it to be real. The forms illusions take may change but their content does not.

Forgiveness is something we practice giving others until we can finally give it to ourselves

Time is only the measure of How Long it takes for us to Get It Right, and when we do, time ceases to have any relevance at all.

Separation is only the illusion of darkness. The Light still shines all around us. It is only our focus on the dark that makes it seem real.

Appearances can be deceiving. Look beyond the Form to the Content, Be Amazed.

Truth is simple, it is only our misplaced need to make it appear more interesting and complex that confounds and confuses us.

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