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What is the Throat Chakra Energy System?



    • The THROAT chakra is in the front and back of the throat area, its tip seats into the third cervical vertebrae. Called the Vishuddhi (pure) chakra, it represents the emotional power of expression. This area is the key to giving and receiving and to speaking our truth. Our actions become motivated by the qualities of inspiration, creativity, spiritual understanding, faith and devotion.
    • The GOAL of the fifth chakra is to “(establish) the kingdom of peace?in the soul as the once restless, sense-distracted mind is absorbed within to a state of tranquility.” (Alex Jones, Seven Mansions of Color.)
    • CONNECTED with the throat chakra are the color blue, the note G, the sound HAM, the element Ether, and the planet Saturn.

      This energy is associated with the thyroid, bronchi, lungs, alimentary canal, neck vertebrae, mouth, jaw and teeth. Caroline Myss in the Anatomy of Spirit refers to the throat as the power of will chakra and lists the primary strengths of this energy as: faith, self-knowledge, personal authority and the capacity to make decisions. John Ruskin in Emotional Clearing identifies the primary feelings that indicate blocks in the throat as: not being able to express yourself, inner emptiness resulting from intense creative work, being creatively blocked or the desire to create or express.

    • PSYCHOLOGICAL IMBALANCE in the throat chakra may manifest as fear of success, fear of power, and frustration.
    • PHYSICAL IMBALANCE may manifest as respiratory or bronchial problems.
  • BALANCED, the throat chakra provides the qualities of joy, relaxation, increased visualization and communication. The channel between the heart and brow becomes open and flowing. Balancing the fifth chakra relieves overreactions and aggressive impulses, impulse activity and jumping from one situation to another. “The body becomes immobile and the imagination, memory and understanding are no longer obstacles to the blessings received from God” Alex Jones, Seven Mansions of Color.
    The throat chakra contains encapsulated energy in the form of words and thoughts. Our ability to truly express ourselves becomes blocked by all the old words we cling to. As our vibrations rise in frequency, the throat chakra often forms a bottleneck of energy. Many of us who have successfully dealt with the first four chakras (more or less) become caught in our attempts to open this area. We feel the energy constriction by the chronic tension in our necks, the tightness in our shoulders and jaws. We experience all these thoughts constantly running through our meditations and we are amazed sometimes at what comes out of our mouths!
    Clear expression requires inner silence, the ability to control the body, moods and habits at will and to speak clearly with a deep, spiritual understanding. Knowing that what we express outwardly returns to us, increased, the major lesson of the throat chakra is to express that which we want to receive. It seems sometimes that despite our best efforts, we continue to react to new situations in old ways, to express our past beliefs instead of our new understandings. The throat chakra is the vehicle for expression for all other chakras and is therefore connected to every detail of our lives. Old issues emerge here for us to take a look at and resolve. It challenges us to learn the nature of the power of choice.
    Below are some guidelines to assist you in opening the expression of the throat.


    1. Practice mindfulness meditation. Give yourself 20 minutes each day to sit quietly, feel your breath coming and going through your nostrils, and simply observe your thoughts. Become an impartial witness to your own mental activity. Learn to observe the encapsulated energy of thought and to free it by letting it go. By doing this daily you will begin to experience the power of inner silence. From this inner silence you can express right action in each present moment.
    1. Listen to music in the key of G, or simply hum this tone.
    1. Chant the sacred sound of “HAM” over and over, out loud, and let its vibration heal you.
    1. Use the color blue in your environment to stimulate spiritual freedom and creativity. Blue relaxes the mind, is cooling, and can make a room seem larger. A blue wardrobe can bring a person in touch with his or her inner self and enables a calm and tranquil expression of ideas and information. Eat blue skinned fruits and berries, potatoes, fish and veal.
    2. Play with gemstones, especially turquoise, celestite, aquamarine, blue topaz, amazonite, blue agate and dumortierire. Place these stones in your pocket and each time you touch it, affirm your choice to receive inner guidance and outward expression. Sleep with a stone in your hand all night to allow your subconscious to affirm your willingness to accept activation of your power of expression.


Working with the throat area allows us to become free of the past. How many times have you remembered words you said, or words said by others, that were not of benefit to the present moment? It seems as if we are constantly “talking” to ourselves – and many of the words are ones of judgment, resentment, guilt and so forth. I recently spent several days mentally rehearsing a conversation I had with an extremely judgmental person. I thought about what I would say to her next, what I should have said then, and what I thought about her in general. In the meantime, the energy in my throat area became dense and clogged – with all those words and emotions. Through mindfulness meditation, it finally dawned on me that not only did I not want to continue this train of thinking, but also I really did not want to encounter this person in the future. It would be of no benefit to engage in another argument – to her or to me. As I began to release the need to ‘correct her’, I also released the need to re-live the conversation. Now, a week later, I can barely remember what was said. This is an important lesson for one who used to love a good argument, and who loved to win a point. It is truly healthier to release and forgive and, as a bumper sticker I saw says, “Get over it!”.

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