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A Healing Place

rainbow in trees gidA Healing Place allows you to type your first name into a comment box to receive healing  prayers from others while at the same time giving healing prayers to others. It is a tool for connection, sharing, and community.

We are all connected! We are like drops of water in an Ocean of Life.  An invisible field of Energy connects each of us, all the time.  Distant Prayer and Distant Healing work through this mystical, magical and scientific Energy connection.

When you are in need of Energy, of Prayer, comment  below with your first name.  When you read a name, send a Prayer to that person (or pet, or organization, or….)

You may listen to/watch the following video created by Charlie as you give and receive prayers to help align your energy for the highest good of each and all of us!

Many Blessings on your Path!

Jill and Charlie