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Energy Body Integrations – EBI

In that quiet spot of EBI our energies come into resonance. Then we call upon Inner Wisdom to focus Universal Life energy or Chi to specific areas of your mental, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies. The process is guided by our inner and higher wisdoms and results in integrating your energy body more fully with your physical body for optimal health, well being and consciousness. Click Here for More Information!


EBI’s are provided in person along with Polarity Therapy or remotely at a distance. During a distant EBI:

  1. We talk on the phone at the appointed time. I recommend that you are able to relax by lying down or  sitting comfortably. Using a speaker  phone is preferred.
  2. With gratitude I ask both my Inner Wisdom and Inner Wisdom (Inner Physician) if we are both ready.
  3. I begin by calling awareness of the abundant energy of both earth and sky that is all around us.
  4. Then you talk about what you would like to work on today. While you are talking I am gently sensing with my hands your energy bodies (physical, etheric, mental, emotional, causal) and checking in with your Inner Physician. Sometimes what you think you need is different than what your Higher Self wants you to have. I use a “menu” to check in with  your Inner Healer, to determine what needs more energy, or needs unstuck or what he or she wants next and I follow what is communicated to me in that high space of Light and Love.
  5. Deep healing can be done in 30 minutes or 6o minutes. You are doing the healing, I am simply supplying energy to you and act as an assistant to your True Self.
  6. When we reach a moment when we both feel “enough”, the session gently ends.

It is my intent to facilitate a truly transforming experioence for you. At the least, you will relax enough to shift into a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state and away from the flight or fright sympathetic nervous system dominance.

Payment may be made in 2 ways.

  1. You may add a session to your shopping cart by clicking the product link below, Then check out. Once I receive your order, I will call you to schedule your session day and time.
  2. You may Contact Me to schedule a session. Be sure to include your  phone number in the contact so we may schedule the session. Before your session you will be sent a text or email link directly to the product. Payment is expected before your session.



30 minute session, 60 minute session

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