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Green Man Sterling Silver Pendant

Wear this Sterling Silver Green Man pendant to symbolizes your union with nature in mutual respect and caring. Approx 1 inch by .75 inches.


The Green Man  

Out of the Mythic Forest, the faces of the Green Man have been seen in art, architecture, and in the forest itself. Although commonly thought to be an ancient Celtic symbol, the Green Man’s foliate head date back to classical Rome. These pagan symbols were adopted by the Christian Church and used as an architectural motif from Ireland in the west to Russia in the east. Most folklorists conjecture that the foliate head symbolized mythic rebirth and regeneration. Seen in sacred trees and groves, the Green Man  was protector of villages. When a grove was cut down, the protection of the earth and the local people was lost. Today, with the emergence of the ecology movement, the Green Man symbolizes our union with nature in mutual respect and caring.

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