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Trinity Knot with Celtic Spiral – Sterling Silver

May the Energy of this Trinity Knot with Celtic Spiral Sterling Silver Pendant bring the Power of 3 into your life. Blessed Be. – .75 inches, Sterling Silver .


Trinity Knot – The Power of 3

The Trinity Knot  (Triquetra) derives its meanings from a variety of cultures and settings.

  • Christianity interprets the Power of 3  in the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  • Wiccan and NeoPagan describes the 3-fold nature of the Goddess – Mother (creation), Maiden (innocense) and Crone (wisdom)
  • Celts viewed the Power of 3 in the Natural Elements (Earth, Sky, Sea) and in Cycles of Nature (lunar and solar phases)

What ever your belief, wearing this .75″ Sterling Silver Pendant is a blessing to yourself and to the world. Made in Thailand.

The united Power of 3!

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