Learn How to Draw a Labyrinth or Build your Own Labyrinth

Let your fingers do the walking and Draw a Labyrinth

Life Path Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a magical single path maze. A maze has many paths and is essentially a left-brain puzzle. A labyrinth is a right-brain intuition and creativity enhancer. Let the labyrinth answer your questions and bring you peace.


Below is a fun, “hand drawn” finger labyrinth. Walk it with your curser or print out this page and walk it with your finger. The numbers and colors represent the 7 chakras of the body. In walking a labyrinth, you actually begin on the 3rd chakra (yellow), the solar plexus, “I think” . Then your proceed to the 2nd, pelvic chakra (orange), “I feel”. Your next path is the 1st chakra (red), “I am”. Then on to the 4th charka (green), “I love”, the 7th chakra (indigo), “I am more!”, the 6th chakra (violet), “I see”, the 5th chakra (blue), “I speak” and finally to the center (pink), “I listen”.

Labyrinth Rainbow

Draw your own Labyrinth

Print this page out and use the space below to draw your own labyrinth!

Labyrinth drawing

Draw a cross

Now draw an “L” in each of the 4 quadrants
and place a dot at each angle of the “L”
Place your pencil at the top of the cross, and draw a curve connecting the next line to the right.
Now move to the top of the next line on the left, and connect it to the next dot on the right.
Continue connecting each line and dot, always moving from top left to next on right.

More Tid-bits about Labyrinths
Read and enjoy!


LABYRINTHS: The universal mystical meaning
of the labyrinth form is as a symbol for the journey into the
world of spirit and the return, a leaving of one state and a
rebirth into another.

The Classical Seven-path Labyrinth is not
a maze within which to get lost, but rather a single winding
pathway in and out again.

Labyrinths are known as sacred gateways
and have been found at ancient sites around the world. Often
found at the center of subtle earth energies these temples
enhance, balance, and regenerate both the auric field and the
Earth itself.

Labyrinths have been associated with
ancient pilgrimage routes and rituals of self-discovery. They
were worn as a form of protection and ornamentation and were
often carved on doorways to bless a dwelling.

Labyrinths are time windows, portals where
time stands still. They confirm our unity with the cosmos, awaken
our vital force, and elevate our consciousness. They are known to
facilitate altered states of consciousness and have parallels
with reincarnation, initiation, prosperity, and fertility

The Classical Seven-path Labyrinth
resonates with the vibration of “seven” and has a
direct correlation with the primary Chakras, Tones in the scale,
and colors of the rainbow. It is believed that the action of
“dancing” a labyrinth magically activates its inherit

The Labyrinth is equated with the brain,
and many cultures believe that the Labyrinth could cure illness.
The action of moving through the Labyrinth produces a sense of
well-being and balance through a type of vestibular stimulation,
accessing both left and right hemispheres of the

The traveler Weary from the
On the journey of spirit…
the journey of mind…
the journey of soul…
The labyrinth
Refreshes his heart…
Breathes life into his being…
Sated –
but only for a brief time..
as the journey…
ever onward..
begins anew.

Thank your for
the peace of spirit, heart, mind, and soul you preserve for
DA Cincinnati, Ohio

(written in our
labyrinth register, 1998)


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