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Native American with Dream weaver

Paradigms 4 and 5 – Consciousness and Awareness

Native American with Dream weaverParadigms 4 and 5 – Consciousness and Awareness
The conventional paradigm has consciousness placed firmly within the body. Paradigm # 4 states that materialism is primary, consciousness is secondary. In other words, we are physical machines that have learned to think. Paradigm states that human awareness can be completely explained as the product of biochemistry
Belief in these conventional paradigms gave rise to the current medical and educational systems. If the machine (body) breaks or is damaged, then it must be fixed by either chemical or surgical means. If the mind “breaks”, then chemicals are also used to fix it. To learn a child must memorize and store a lot of data, like a computer. There is no room for music, and arts, and play.

The conventional paradigm also creates the “victim” role in individuals and society. The type of thinking that is body dependent. The “it’s not my fault – the “other” guy did it to me”. The “other guy” meaning almost anything – the environment, nutrition, pills, everything external “caused” the body to break down. All treatment is sought outside of the self. In education, this body centered thinking is carried over into not valuing creativity and problem solving. The “do it this way” type of thinking. It’s no wonder we are in a bit of a mess!
Quantum paradigms 4. And 5 view awareness and consciousness differently Quantum Paradigm # 4 states that the biochemistry of the body is a product of awareness, Beliefs, thoughts, and emotions create the frequencies that create the chemical reactions which uphold life in every cell. An aging cell is the end product of disruptive frequencies. Quantum 5 says that impulses of intelligence create your body in new forms every second. What you are is the sum total of these impulses, and by changing their patterns (their frequencies), you will change.

This places a whole new light on the body and displaces it from telling us what to do. In reality, the body is a crystallization of our thoughts and emotions. A denser form if you will. And where does this consciousness originate? From One Source, beyond names but sometimes called God, Goddess, All that Is, Infinite Wisdom… And there is more good news in the quantum paradigm. This Source wants us to be happy and healthy! It is our natural impulse to grow and prosper, just as it is the natural impulse of any plant or animal to grow and prosper.

There is an old Cherokee story that helps integrate the 2 paradigm views.
A Cherokee brave goes out hunting and accidently shoots himself in the foot. First he goes to the ER and had the arrow removed (a good role for modern medicine). Second he goes to the herbalist to get herbs to prevent infection (a blending of the 2 paradigms, conventional antibiotics with herbal antibiotics used for centuries). Finally he goes to the Shaman to learn why he shot himself in the foot in the first place.

Ah, the Shaman, the missing piece in the conventional paradigm, which says there is no reason, it just happened. I’m unlucky. God doesn’t like me. Quantum Physics and Spiritual Tradition both say that there are no coincidences. We are consciousness that has a body, not a body that has consciousness. The difference is important. From our conscious awareness, we can shift the disruptive frequencies into frequencies of healing. The deeper we go towards our Souls, the higher our frequencies, the more our bodies become a tool of expression and less a victim of chance. We use the body in our evolution of consciousness. We use the body in our joy of being here in this reality. And we influence and change the body by our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Our consciousness is the blueprint! The body the structure. Wow, How fun to be here now!


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