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Speed, Vibrations, Schumann frequencies, and Etheric Bodies

Have you been feeling like more and more is happening faster in your life, for good and for bad? Like you are racing to catch up? Like all of a sudden you have to deal with all those things that you put off dealing with in the past, because here they are again, right in front of you.  Like a Scalosian from Star Trek buzzing around because they were vibrating too fast for the crew to see.

Or have you been feeling like everything is moving slower and slower. Plans delayed, expected opportunities not in reach yet, waiting to move on in your life. Like the Groundhog Day over and over.

I, like many of you, have been experiencing both so far this year. One week everything seems to move in hyper speed, the next week nothing what soever happens to progress my life forward.

Maybe, just maybe it has to do with the changing frequency of the earth, the Schumann frequency.

What is the Schumann frequency?  

It is a belt of electromagnetic waves that encircle the planet located between the earth and the ionosphere. These waves are created by the discharges of lightning flashes, approx. 50 times/second on Earth. They are generally a low frequency of 7.8 Hz and considered to be the heartbeat of Mother Earth. This frequency appears to have been having higher high points, one source reporting up to 150hz, and lower low points than the stated 7.8 Hz.  Typically frequencies range 3 Hz and up to 60hz depending on the season and solar conditions.

Now imagine the Schumann frequency as the etheric body* of the Earth, the energy that precedes the form of earth. What if our own etheric bodies are fluctuating in vibration and frequency just like the Schumann frequency? We know that frequencies entrain or resonate* with each other. That’s why when someone is depressed we get depressed around them and when someone is joyous we tend to feel joyful around them. To have empathy is to attempt to match the frequencies of another.

What if these frequency fluctuations are a natural part of the evolution of ourselves and our planet?

In the 1960’s a gentleman named Thaddeus Golas wrote a book called “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment”. The message of the book was simple – If you don’t like where you are, go higher into Love and Light. Connecting with Love and Light may require both – slowing down to go within and then speeding up to connect with those higher frequencies that allow us to experience the wisdom of our Soul. Whatever is happening it seems as though the veil is becomes thinner between physical and metaphysical realities.  

The road Mountain Valley Center and the Otto Labyrinth Park is on is called Shambala Way. Charlie and I named it from 3 dog night’s Road to Shambala. Shambala is a place of peace and joy, harmony and understanding. As our vibrations increase, and it feels like so many things are coming at us, I invite all to share your light and love on the Road to Shambala! (How many of you have that song running around in your heads now!)

Happy Spring. May you enjoy your low and high days equally!

*What is an etheric body?

The etheric body is the life force energy that generates and maintains the frequency vibrations that create the appearance of the physical body in all forms – elemental, mineral, plant, animal/human. It is the blueprint for the physical body and what is attended to in distant healing.

*What is Resonance?

The attempt of two different frequencies to match each other

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