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Sound Healing

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What is Sound Healing?

All bodies vibrate at different frequencies, according to their nature and location. The Earth vibrates at it’s own frequency. Sound Healing is the ability to use frequencies to harmonize vibrations to create healing enviroments within our own bodies and within the Earth. Sound is the energy of Ether or Space. Sound is vibration. And sound can affect our moods, our health, and our lives. Some sounds soothe us while other sounds energize us. Singing bowls produce sounds in multiple octaves, noted to have healing and relaxing effects on the body/mind. Tuning forks and Tuning Chimes focus on single sounds to align chakra energies and free the flow of body energy. Music creates different moods for peace & joy and gives Space for your life to Flow. Read More

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  • traditional Himalayan meditation gong
    Bells, Tingshas, Drums and Chimes

    Bronze and Brass Himalayan Meditation Gong

    Start and end your meditation sessions with this bronze and brass multimetal Dragon meditation chime. Perfect for the year of the Dragon!!!! 4″ wide by 6′ tall with a wood striker.

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  • Practice of MIndfulness - what is on your mind?
    Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    The Practice of Mindfulness

    Mindfulness Meditation is a fundamental approach to meditation. This video offers clear direction and guidance to learning the basic technique of Mindfulness Meditation. It is shared from Dr Jill with her warmest gratitude for your focus. View Video

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  • man with guitar kissing woman goodbye
    Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    Chaos and Wind

    Leaving, even on a short trip, is never easy. I wrote this as I was planning a very long journey and not sure of being back again. (c) Charlie Henry (1948-2020)   View Video

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  • Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    Zen in Water

    Water sustains our lives on this planet, please enjoy this tribute to our fluid Friend. Music and Imagery for meditation. (c) Charles Henry 2018. View Video

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  • I Am Here and Earth Day Song
    Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    I Am Here

    This Earth is our Home in space. May we be more mindful of our Home as we journey through the universe. Words and music (C) Charles Henry. View Video

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  • Its gonna be alright music video
    Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    It’s Gonna Be Alright

    Sometimes life gets a bit overwhelming, especially when I get ready to go to bed. I review the long list of all the things I wanted to get done today compared to the short list of what I actually accomplished. This kind of retrospective rarely leaves me feeling anything other than discouragement and disappointment in myself. This is really very judgmental and as soon as I realize what I am doing I try to stop it. This song came to me one night and seems to help me remember that I am here not to judge but only remember not to judge and that, in fact, it is going to be alright. I share this with you with my warmest gratitude for your focus. (c) Charles Henry View Video

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  • Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    The Light

    A 5 min video that is more of a prayer, a blessing, a meditation, in a song format. It feels quite slow and that is intentional. May you enjoy. With my love and gratitude for your time and focus. View Video

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  • Let the past go mp3
    Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    Let the Past Go

    We tend to carry so much along with us as we live our lives, perhaps it’s time to let the past go: (C) 2018 by CC Long Henry. View Video

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  • My Best Friend Jake mp3
    Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    My Best Friend Jake

    Losing a loved one, be they family, friend or pet, is difficult, traumatic, yet love is forever and forever is eternal. I wrote this song to help me remember the love I share with my best friend Jake. (C) 2018 by CC Long Henry.  View Video

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  • May You Be Loved Blessing Mantra
    Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    May You be Loved

    May you Be Loved is a Loving Kindness Blessing mantra song offering peace of mind and heart to those who listen and follow. View Video

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  • Tuning Forks

    Intention Enhancer Tuning Fork Kit – 432 Hz and 528 Hz

    Experience a new level of sound healing when you hold these tuning forks of 432 Hz and 528 Hz together up to your ears. When the note A is tuned to 432 Hz, a softer and more organic music is created. 528 Hz is considered the frequency of Love Energy. Combine these two frequencies and your world may open up to Love!

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  • Sacred Ratio Tuning Forks by Johnathan Goldman
    Tuning Forks

    Sacred Ratio Vibro Tuners Kit

    Our bodies are like musical instruments that can be tuned with sound.  Specific low frequency sounds (LFS) can resonate us on a cellular level. This phenomenon is known as VibroAcoustics. These two tuning forks were designed for this purpose. They manifest a sacred ratio which creates the most powerful sonic energy of any tuning fork combination. Known as the “perfect fifth”, this sacred ratio was first discovered by the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras who believed it was the most consonant, harmonious and healing interval.. For millennia, it has been known to calm and balance our body, brain and spirit and elevate our consciousness. Numerous spiritual traditions have found the Sacred Ratio to be particularly therapeutic and transformational.

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