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Sound Healing

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  • Tuning Forks

    Chakra Dance

    Chakra Dance CD by Jonathan Goldman

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  • chakra chants cd
    Tuning Forks

    Chakra Chants

    Chakra Chants CD by Jonathan Goldman

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  • Calendula CD
    Tuning Forks

    Calendula: CD by John Beaulieu

    Read Polarity, the Five Elements and You to learn more about balancing Earth- root chakra, Water- pelvic chakra, Fire-   solar plexus chakra, Air- heart chakra and Ether – throat chakra Elements.

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  • human tuning - sound healing with tuning forks book
    Tuning Forks

    Human Tuning

    Sound Healing with Tuning Forks by John Beaulieu

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  • OM tuning fork 136.1hz
    Tuning Forks

    OM Tuner

    Use for Eternal frequency 136.1 Hz Om Tuning Fork by John Beaulieu to treat stress and nervous conditions or to assist with meditation. It’s been found that hyperactive children calm down significantly if allowed to just “play” with the Om tuner after showing them how to tap it) Approx 8 inches long

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  • Otto Tuning Fork 128hztuning fork with weighted head for body work
    Tuning Forks

    Otto Tuner

    Otto Tuner, tuned to Earth frequency of 128 Hz. Use directly on the body to help align your physical structure by creating grounding resonance with bones and nerves while and releasing tension from the body. The frequency helps relieve muscle tension, spasms, pain, and improves circulation by relaxing constricting muscle tissue and increasing blood flow.

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  • Solar harmonic spectrum-8 tuning-forks
    Tuning Forks

    Solar Harmonic Spectrum™

    Solar Harmonic Spectrum,  A complete set of 8 Tuning Forks with velvet pouch.

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  • C and G Body Tuners
    Tuning Forks

    Body Tuners

    The Body Tuners consist of two tuning forks,notes C 256 Hz & G 384 Hz  Creating a ration of  3/2.the  interval known in music as the perfect fifth. Lao Tzu referred to this interval as the sound of universal harmony between the forces of Yin and Yang. Body Tuners are a must as the foundation of a Tuning Fork healing practice.7 inch long and one 8 inch long tuning fork long

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  • crystal tuner tuning fork
    Tuning Forks

    Crystal Tuner

    Small Crystal Tuner Tuning fork, 4096 cycles per second. We include a free small quartz tuning crystal with every purchase of the Crystal tuner!

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  • Angel Tuning Forks by Biosonics
    Tuning Forks

    Angel Tuners

    Angel Tuners – Set of Three, 3 3/4 inches long tuning forks with the frequencies of 4096, 4160 Hz and 4225 Hz.

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