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Chakra Candles and Candle Melts

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  • Chakra Candles and Candle Melts

    Chakra Protection Candle

    Yellow Chakra Protection Scented Pillar Candle. This chakra holds the Chi or life force or personal power, shielding negative influences. It leads to your own unique gift in work, art and service, bringing harmony to your life.  Contains Bergamot, Lime, and Grapefruit

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  • Chakra Candles and Candle Melts

    Chakra Love Candle

    Orange Chakra Love Scented Pillar Chakra Candle is used for about sensuality, emotions, and intuition. It gives you the ability to relate to others in an open and friendly way, moving toward a fulfilling emotional and sexual life. Contains Cedar, Spruce, and Rosemary

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  • Chakra Candles and Candle Melts

    Chakra Money Candle

    Red Chakra Money Scented Pillar Candle When you are trying to make things happen in the material world, in relation to business or material possessions, the energy to succeed will come from this chakra. Contains Cassia, Clove, and Nutmeg

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