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  • protection chakra candle melt by aloha bay
    Chakra Candles and Candle Melts

    Chakra Protection Candle Melt

    Yellow Chakra Protection Scented Candle Melt. This chakra holds the Chi or life force or personal power, shielding negative influences. It leads to your own unique gift in work, art and service, bringing harmony to your life.  Contains Bergamot, Lime, and Grapefruit

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  • healing heart chakra candle melt, green scented candle from aloha bay
    Chakra Candles and Candle Melts

    Chakra Healing Candle Melt

    Green Chakra Healing Scented Candle Melt. The heart chakra is the center of compassion and love. When you are hurt in life or love, the first impulse is to close your heart. You must release your pain and love again. Contains Lavandin, Orange, and Tangerine

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  • chakra thrid eye abiundance candle melt
    Chakra Candles and Candle Melts

    Chakra Abundance Candle Melt

    Indigo Abundance Scented Candle Melt of the third eye, the center of psychic power and higher intuition. Your true self will attract unlimited resources, power, and compassion to realize your destiny. Contains Lavender, Fir, and Chamomile

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