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  • Birchwood Finger labyrinth3 sizes of birch wood finger labyrinths
    Labyrinth Gifts - It is Solved by Walking

    Wood Finger Labyrinths

    The action of moving your finger around a Labyrinth path, along the darker wood of this finger labyrinth, produces a sense of well-being and balance. Feel free to decorate or use these natural wood labyrinths, as a crystal grid enhance your experience.

    The Classical Seven-path Labyrinth is not a maze within which to get lost, but rather a single winding pathway in and out again.

    Labyrinths are known as sacred gateways and have been found at ancient sites around the world. Often found at the center of subtle earth energies, these temples enhance, balance, and regenerate both the auric field and the Earth itself.

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  • Labyrinth Gifts - It is Solved by Walking

    Labyrinth Quick Reference Chart

    Learn about Labyrinth’s connection to planets, chakras, emotions and days of the week. Find out to how doodle a Labyrinth, draw a labyrinth, build a Labyrinth. Use your finger to walk the chakra labyrinth.


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