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  • California-white-sage-loose-sage-clusters
    Smudge Wands for Cleansing and Ceremony

    White Sage California Clusters

    This 7-inch bag of cluster and loose California white sage is perfect when you need a little extra cleansing but don’t want to light a whole stick or wand of smudge. Just pull off some leaves and put them in a bowl or shell and light up!

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  • Shift Your Energy to Health Guided Imagery Cover
    Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    Shift Your Energy to Health MP3 Download

    Take a journey through the Energy of your Body & Mind, releasing fear, resentment, & doubt and shifting your energy to confidence, trust, and health. Use for healing yourself and others in body, mind, and spirit. Features music by Charlie and guided imagery by Dr. Jill Henry.. Approximately 20 min. long.  View Video



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