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  • white-sage-with-blyue-mulleinsage-mullein-shell-feathe
    Smudge Wands for Cleansing and Ceremony

    4 inch White Sage and Mullein Smudge Stick

    4 inch White Sage Stick with Mullein combination to releases the courage and protection of Mullein and the cleansing and purification of White Sage. Use in rituals and ceremonies to release negativity, cleanse the aura, cleanse the home, and send prayers to the Creator. Gallery photo shows stick in 5 inch Abalone Shell with feather.

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  • California-white-sage-loose-sage-clusters
    Smudge Wands for Cleansing and Ceremony

    White Sage California Clusters

    This 7-inch bag of cluster and loose California white sage is perfect when you need a little extra cleansing but don’t want to light a whole stick or wand of smudge. Just pull off some leaves and put them in a bowl or shell and light up!

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  • 4 inch-compact-whie-sage-smudge-wand
    Smudge Wands for Cleansing and Ceremony

    3 inch Mini California White Sage Smudge Stick

    3 inch Mini California White Sage Smudge Stick is small enough to carry in your purse or pocket and thick enough to light and cleanse any place you go. Recommended for beginners as its size is easier to handle than larger sticks when learning how to smudge. (Directions below)

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