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CC4a-Right Activator, Etched with multiple Tabby Crystal Cluster

CC4a-Right Activator, Etched with multiple Tabby Crystal Cluster,  3 inches wide and 2 inches tall. 125 gms.


CC4a-Right Activator, Etched with multiple Tabby Crystal Cluster
Cluster crystal Crystals in a cluster. They bring ‘group energy’ together, enhancing harmony and peace in groups. Foster protection, cooperation, union, agreement, and sharing.

Activation (Right) –
Also known as Right-handed crystal Inclined window on right side of primary face. Activation and increased performance of right-brain functions. Directed toward chakras from back side of body it removes energy blocks on left side of body.

Etched crystal – Contains abrasions located upon the outer areas of the crystal – abrasions appear to be a type of hieroglyphics. Used to facilitate contact from ancient Egyptian civilizations and from Lemuria and Atlantis. Used as a personal meditation crystal.

Tabby crystal – Also known as Tabular crystal A flat crystal with notches on one or both of the flat sides. Enhance communication, integration, and smooth flow of energy and balance. By rubbing the fingernail in a downward motion across the notches, an opening to information is produced. Closed by rubbing upward. Like opening and closing a file drawer.


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