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Fu Temple Dogs – Red

Guardian temple lions, also called Fu dogs – Red Resin. 4 inches by 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches.


Fu Temple Dogs

Guardian temple lions, also called Fu dogs, are traditionally used as the symbol of protection against any kind of bad luck. They symbolize defense and protection and are often seen guarding entrances and gateways to buildings. They symbolize majestic strength, great courage and strength of character. When a Fu Dog is seen playing with a ball, it is to signify the moon pearl which symbolizes blessings and protection against evil, and the ball also represents the sun, which is Yang. In Feng Shui, the most powerful symbols are of 4 creatures, they are Dragon, Qi Lin, Pi Yao and Lion (Fu Dogs). The guardian temple Lions (Fu Dogs) are the strongest power for protection. Besides the power of protection, it’s also known for improving career & wealth luck. They are sold in pairs (male and female) because placing only one is considered bad luck. Best placement is either outside of your entrance door facing outside, or, if you place them inside of your home or office, the foo dog’s faces should be facing outside (not facing towards inside of your home). The correct position for these Fu dogs is as follows: The Male Fu dog which is holding a globe should be in the right side (looking from the Fu dog’s eyes, facing outside) and female Fu dog which is holding a baby, on the left side. $32 per pair.

Resin color

Red Resin, Gold Resin

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