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NQ1-Window, Devic Crystal

NQ1-Window, Devic Crystal – Natural Quartz Crystal, 1.25 in x .5 in, 10 gms


NQ1-Window,Devic Crystal
Window crystal – Recognized by presence of a large diamond-shaped “window” located in the center front of the crystal. The four sides of the diamond represent the transmission of information between realms of intellectual activity, the practical side of ones nature, and balance between spiritual and physical realms. Window crystals come to a person when he/she is willing to honestly look within the self and accept the truth.
Devic crystal – A crystal with a great deal of fairy frost (the fractures and inclusions inside the crystal). Open us to the beauty and wonder of nature and facilitates communication with the nature spirits – devas and elfin folk. Wonderful to meditate on this crystal by placing it in a hollow in a tree or a hole in the ground without blocking the opening – natural fairy doors. When you leave, leave a gift of fruit or a small crystal for the faeries.



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