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Palmarosa Essential Oil – Balancing

Palmarosa 100% Essential Oil – 1/3 fl oz.,  Aromatherapy Grade from Echo – external use only


Palmarosa Oil is Balancing, evoking the Energy of the Earth, distilled from a grass (Cymbopogon martini) native to India and Indochina. It is also known as Indian geranium or gingergrass and smells sweet and rose-like.. The Palmarosa oil is soothing to the emotions – it calms anxiety, heals emotional wounds such as grief and helps uplift, settle and balance our moods. Combined with a carrier oil it is great in massages or worn itself in aroma jewelry associated with the following stones: Aventurine (balances heart and connects lower 3 chakras with upper three), Bloodstone (grounds the heart energy and eases aggression and impatience), Green Agate (stabilizes the aura, while cleansing negativity and transforming negative energies).

Palmarosa oil is valued for its scent (often added to soaps and cosmetics) and has many traditional medicinal and household uses. It nourishes and restores skin health as it regulates moisture and oil production, therefore is useful for both dry and oily skin. Palmarosa oil has also been shown to be an effective insect repellent and an antifungal.

Palmarosa 100% Essential Oil – 1/3 fl oz.,  Aromatherapy Grade from Echo – not intended for internal use

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