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Sage and Lavender Smudge Wand

Burn Sage Secrets™ Sage and Lavender Smudge Wand (4-5in X 2in) to cleanse and heal and restore Calmnessand a deep sense of peace to any environmrnt.


This Sage Secrets™ Smudge Wand is made from sage and lavender, wrapped with 100% cotton string.  Lavender is added for its ability to restore and calm the mind from worry, freeing the heart for love.  For centuries, Native Americans have used this sacred herb in ceremonies, for cleansing and sending prayers. Today, burning sage is recognized for its ability to generate negative ions as well as its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to cleanse a room. Burning sage in ceremony may dispel negative energy, empower positive energy, assist in relaxation and deep feelings of peace.

HOW TO SMUDGE – Light the end of a smudge wand and gently blow until you see the embers glow and it begin to smoke. It’s a good idea to carry a fireproof plate or shell beneath the embers so they don’t reach the floor and burn.  Abalone Shells are often used to represent the Water Element, a Feather for Air, the Smudge Wand for Earth, and the Embers for Fire.

  • Smudge Yourself – rub your hands in the smoke and gather (wave) the smoke towards using your hand or a feather to connect with the herbal elements and their properties. Use this technique to smudge others, taking the smoke up and down in both front and back of them, or using a feather to direct the smoke.
  • Smudge Your Room – stand in the center of a room and allow the smoke to flow there. Then move clockwise around the room, smudging out negative energy. (Note: it has been reported but not proven that sage actually kills bacteria and virus in a room. It certainly can help our intentions towards them. Continue clockwise in a room and out the door, like you are sweeping out dust.
  • Smudge your Home or Business – Continue around each room until you are at the front door and you feel cleansed!


Note: The inhaling of secondary smoke from smudging is considered to be beneficial due to the nature of the herbs, but should not be done in the presence of respiratory disease or inhaled to excess.

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